crate furniture ideas

If you like rustic and industrial design, crate and pallet furniture will be perfect for your home. You can craft such parts yourself and upcycle some abandoned crates or pallets, which means going green. Want some inspiration? Here are some cool ideas from Pinterest!

Crate shelves and racks

A shelf or rack is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a box. You can simply attach a box to the wall to use as a shelf, or clip a few boxes together and place them on casters for a mobile unit, or build a whole large shelf with boxes – horizontally, vertically or both – around them as a storage unit and use room dividers. You can stain, paint or just paint the edges of the boxes to make them look cooler and match your interior.

crate tables and desks

Building a desk or crate table is pretty easy: use them as a base or legs, and they also provide plenty of storage space – usually it’s open space, but you can add doors as well. You can also make a coffee table out of boxes – attach several pieces together, stain or paint them and add casters for ease of use. If you need a smaller piece – a side table or a side table – take a single box and place it on hairpin legs and voila!

Other chest furniture

Boxes can be used to make an ottoman, footstool, nightstand, drawers, bed and many other pieces of furniture – each piece offers storage space which is amazing. Check out the ideas and get inspired! If you want some DIY projects to realize some of these items, click here.

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