Porsche 911 desk

If you are looking for a special desk that is second to none, we have an idea for you. This piece is 3 GJB 17’s Porsche 911 Writing Desk and is sure to delight your room.

The 911 Writing Desk is constructed from original Porsche 911 body panels, coated in Arctic Silver automotive paint and finished with custom American walnut tops that complement the car’s contours beautifully. It takes the rear of the iconic car and turns its trunk lid into a writing surface that doubles as a cabinet to store your stationery (with a spring-loaded hinge that lifts the trunk lid).

There’s no reason you need the Porsche 911 desk above another desk (perhaps an IKEA or a Pottery Barn desk), but its design might still make you covet. The Porsche 911 Writing Desk is definitely the type of furniture that will be the focal point of your workspace. It’s unusual in every way, from its unlikely inspiration and source of materials, to the way the trunk lid transforms into a desk/privacy screen, to a just combination of metal and wood that works beautifully together.

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