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Boys Bathroom Ideas

Boys Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom ideas for boys

BOYS BATHROOM IDEAS – When decorating the boy’s bathroom, similar elements are applied to the boy’s bedroom. Choosing neutral colors and minimalist furniture are some of the familiar elements that you can apply.

The article contains 10 bathing models for boys, from simple to complicated. One of the elements has special points that make experimenting with the samples interesting. Look at them!

Simple boys toilet

Simple boys toilet
Source: bringcahome.org

Our first recommendation looks like sitting on the beach. Of course, you can practice the tip for your “normal” apartment or house. The bathroom looks simple and natural.

The key lies in the wooden boards that remain unprocessed. We don’t see the wood being cut into many boards. The material becomes the floor, wall and seat of the bathroom. The bathroom chooses the shower area instead of a bathtub.

This is due to the limited space. The bathroom has a bench for stretching the legs. There are no sinks.

Trendy boys’ bathroom

Trendy boys bathroom
Source: hgtv.com

Although the picture is not full, we believe that the bathroom occupies a narrow area. We come to the end here because of the shower area instead of a bathtub. The shower room looks interesting as it is on the corner of the bathroom.

Boys would love to come here with the modified brownish shade. The color conveys warm and homely feelings. In addition, the color takes the shape of the square ceramic, small tiles and the mosaic pattern for the shower point.

The bathroom completes the area with the abstract drawings that will hopefully pique the boys’ curiosity.

Classic boys bathroom

Classic boys bathroom
Source: victoriaplum.com

Boys generally love neutral colors. So we choose the pattern that looks classic with the color and furniture. Boys can spend pleasant hours in the bathroom because of the large space and cleanliness.

The classic clay comes from the underground ceramics in the bathroom. The bathtub, cabinet and sink all have a vintage look. A classic results from the lines that are visible to the eye.

The bathroom looks affluent with the floating storage space that houses the tissues, towels, and plants.

Outdoor bathroom for boys

Outdoor bathroom for boys
Source: ideas.sawhd.com

Showering outside the home is a sensation for boys like no other activity. You can probably try creating an outdoor bathroom like this. The example uses the back yard of the house.

On the open roof, boys can admire the trees and blue skies as they cleanse their bodies. The bathroom looks like a mini garden with a small wooden road, live plants and rocks.

We love the idea of ​​using the ladder to hang towels and other fabrics.

Creative boys bath

Creative boys bath
Source: youtube.com

Boys, especially under 10, would love the bathroom style. It looks creative and adorable with the ornaments above the floating sink. The bathroom also has a small fence with colorful accessories.

Guys will then love to clean their bodies in the cute bathroom tube like this one. The bathroom wall next to the shower area also looks trendy. The entire bathroom design attracts us because there are “hidden” spots here and there.

Boys will find the design so appealing.

Crunchy boys toilet

Crispy bathroom for boys
Source: bigbathroomshop.co.uk

Clear and simple. The bathroom offers comfort and purity thanks to the material. The bathroom uses a bathtub and faucet, which look modern and familiar in today’s houses and apartments.

We believe the bathroom doesn’t have a closet because space is tight. The bathroom, for example, has a washing area that saves space and looks like it is floating. The bathroom brings variety to the simplicity.

The rounded mirror and the floating memory hang on it. The pictures hope to make boys happy and comfortable.

Unusual boys toilet

Unusual boys toilet
Source: idealhome.co.uk

While bathing, keep your boys entertained by showing off sea toys like this one. The example practices the nautical bathroom style that brings out a white and soft shade of blue.

Overall, the bathroom looks bright and boring. Boys will be amazed by the miniatures, drawings, and the towel design. They all show the challenging and amazing life behind the water.

For the furniture, the bathroom chooses the bathtub with the tap and the shower for cleaning the hair.

Male boys bathroom

Male boys bathroom
Source: toiletsguide.com

You’ve probably wanted to teach your boys manhood since they were little kids. You can practice this by practicing bathroom design. The bathroom uses black as the main color.

Aside from being masculine, the color looks calm. That makes the guys peaceful when they’re here. The bathtub looks natural thanks to the material. It comes with the dangling lamp to make it special.

The bathroom contains the double sinks which look cute as they resemble large bowls.

Calm boys bath

Calm boys bath
Source: medinmleko.club

The example brings the same concept as the eighth. The two bathrooms hope to create a relaxing tone for boys who enjoy spending time in the bathroom. For this idea, the bathroom chooses gray.

The gray element appears in the walls and floors of the bathroom. We especially love the bathroom wall for the shower area. The tiles look messy but trendy. The bathroom has a shower area, cabinet and sink.

The bathroom wall of the shower area can become a cool attraction for the guys.

Wonderful boys bathroom

Wonderful boys bathroom
Source: curbly.com

The last one applies a bathroom design by the sea. Boys will love the bathroom style that looks clean and comfortable. The white painted wooden boards represent a strong coastal element.

The bathroom chooses the shower area instead of a bathtub. The bathroom can be a good example of this if you have a narrow, long area like this one. The bathroom has a long washbasin that performs many functions.

For example, the boys can wash their hands in the sink. You can also store towels and other items. The spot shows the accessories. The red carpet becomes a striking decoration.

So we added our 10 bathroom ideas for boys to the list. We hope that the samples will give you valuable tips for your boys’ bathroom. Have fun experimenting!

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