Christmas balls and ideas how to use them in decor

Balls are so traditional that no Christmas can do without them. But they shouldn’t all be the same – use your imagination! You might find some balls to write on with a piece of chalk, or some to put your favorite songs on. Colorful or with beautiful winter patterns – don’t just put them on the tree. Put them in a frame and hang this decoration anywhere, hang it in the kitchen or on the furniture, make an installation. Decorate your mantel and table – there are so many table decorations and only decorations of balls in jars! For comfort, place your Christmas baubles in knitted covers or even fur. No matter what colors or designs you like – use Christmas balls to make your holiday original, unforgettable and exclusive!

Centerpieces of Christmas ornament

Make a cool Christmas centerpiece out of Christmas decorations – place them in bowls, on a tray, in a basket, in a box or other piece. You can mix the colors, shapes and sizes or use the same ornaments and jazz them up with candles, lights, evergreens, foliage and even flowers. Such a centerpiece can be made in minutes and is timeless – it suits every style and space.

Christmas decorations garlands and wreaths

Make cool Christmas ornament garlands and wreaths to decorate your room! Decorate your railings with Christmas decoration garlands, decorate Christmas wreaths on your doors, decorate the mantelpiece with a decorative garland and use such wreaths and garlands throughout the house. Such wreaths and garlands are easy to make yourself – there are countless tutorials.

Various Christmas decorations

Decorate your Christmas ornaments in a variety of ways – fill them with stationery, fake snow, sequins and other stuff, cover them with knit and crochet covers, add ornaments to urns and bowls, make alternative Christmas trees from ornaments, always hang ornaments back up at the window. Bauble ornaments can be used in many ways to fill your home with festive spirit. Check out the ideas below and Merry Christmas!

51 Awesome ways to use Christmas baubles and ornaments in decor.
51 Awesome ways to use Christmas baubles and ornaments in decor.
51 Awesome ways to use Christmas baubles and ornaments in decor.

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