Living Room Wall Ideas

Living room wall ideas

LIVING ROOM WALL IDEAS – It will be nonsense to build a house or living room without walls. Strong and solid walls form the basis of well-built houses or structures. Walls should be our priority before we manage other elements.

Do you know that walls serve more today? Play around with different wall types to see how walls can mean the entire home design. We’d like you to put up some types of living room walls to prove this.

Simple living room wall

Simple living room wall

A smooth wall is the most common choice to this day. This style often becomes the chosen style as it doesn’t require a lot of money and design concept. Simply hire professionals to set up four or three wall columns for the living room.

With this in mind, one of the wall living room ideas offers great freedom for creativity. You can paint the walls with your favorite colors, decorative items, storage items or hang pictures. Aside from its simplicity, the plain wall becomes a timeless choice that invites experimentation.

Paneled living room wall

Paneled living room wall

Now let’s be refined a little. You can choose a paneled wall to take the wall to a higher level. So work with professionals to make your plan a reality. If you want to set up a country style living room, make some key curves in the wall.

That’s enough for the whole topic. Or you can create smaller and more intricate curves for other living room ideas. Experiment with this type of wall because you can use it when it’s ready.

Whatever living room concept gets bolder with this type of wall.

Living room wall with window pane

Living room wall with window pane

Include the window pane as part of the entire wall pillars. Window pane plays many roles in a living room. From the reflection of natural light in the living room to the view outside, the window pane fits into the apartment and house.

The living room looks airy and relieved through the window pane. A wide landscape from the outside can refresh itself after hard work in the office. Windowpane also helps reduce utility bills as you can rely on lightning bolts during the day.

Living room wallpaper

Living room wallpaper.  Source:

You must have known this type of wall. A living room that uses wallpaper usually looks great as it fits the concept of the room. Let’s say you want to bring in a floral theme for the living room. You can add pink or floral wallpaper to enhance the overall tone.

One of the wall living room ideas requires that you think carefully about the interior of the living room before practicing. Wallpaper needs to be cleaned regularly. If necessary, hire professionals to wash it so that the wallpaper looks fresh in the long term.

Brick living room wall

Brick living room wall.  Source: Pinterest

Some homeowners prefer brick walls to give the living room a traditional look. With this type of wall, you need to look for sturdy, clean bricks. You can choose to place bricks for the wall or just some wall pieces that contain bricks.

The choice depends on your living room design. The brick wall has an earth-colored decoration that is artistic and supportive of the Go-Green public campaign. The wall type gives the room warmth and comfort, especially during the day.

Living room wall made of wood

Living room wall made of wood

The wooden wall refreshes the living room because it comes from a natural element, namely wood. The eco-friendly living room theme is highlighted when you choose tree trunks as the wall. Thanks to the wood, the wooden wall also ensures a natural cooling temperature.

The wooden wall is particularly suitable for furnishing concepts in the living room that want to bring family members back to the country, to a farmhouse or to the coast. And you can choose a wooden wall for your apartment, but not for all four wall pillars.

Living room wall with wood and concrete

Living room wall with wood and concrete

One of the wall living room ideas can get you to combine wood and concrete. How to correctly divide which wall parts are made of wood and concrete. A fine combination can be seen in the picture.

Divide a piece of wall into two sections, one made of concrete and one made of wood. Paint the two with different colors but without contrast with each other. White and light blue bring softness, clarity and positivism to the entire living room.

Stony living room wall

Stony living room wall.  Source:

Another natural element that you can put into practice as a wall material is stones. Similar to wooden walls, stone walls give the entire living room a natural refreshment.

The stones themselves are damp and can gradually transfer the cooling temperature to the room. Large stones like the walls give the living room a strong earth tone.

You can rely on the wall type to ensure a healthy temperature as the air conditioning does not need to be turned on at night or during the day. Similar to wallpaper, clean the stone walls regularly to avoid excessive dust build-up.

Ceramic living room wall

Ceramic living room wall.  Source:

One of the ideas for the wall living room is a ceramic wall. Mainly used in the kitchen, you can place ceramics as part of the wall pillars. In contrast to the wallpaper on the stone wall, the ceramic wall is easy to clean.

The ceramic wall offers you different types and colors. Just choose the ceramic wall motif that suits your style. The ceramic wall also makes maintenance easy. Regular cleaning or washing is enough to make the ceramic wall more durable.

The ceramic wall withstands water, fungus and other dirt. This material also gives the living room mildness.

Living room wall made of fiber cement panels

Living room wall made of fiber cement panels.  Source:

Fiber cement panels complete our list of wall living room ideas. This type of wall can withstand fire and water. Despite the cheap price, fiber cement panels for the living room and other parts of the house can last a long time.

The regular shape of the fiber cement wall invites the type to be used in support of the minimalist, contemporary or even futuristic living room mode. All the living room modeling becomes so clean and humble.

We hope that the wall living room ideas will make walls indispensable for decoration in addition to the protective function that the walls give. Some of the wall types don’t cost too much. Take the time and look for cheap wall materials for your dream living room model.

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