New Ora Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje

New Ora Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje

The black kitchenware collection Ora-Ito by Gorenje was launched two years ago. This was a starting point for Gorenje, as they claim: “One of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in Europe”. While their products aren’t as innovative as they claim to be, they’re certainly stylish and with all the gear you need at once, they’re really interesting. Working with the young French designer Ora-Ïto was Gorenje’s big step.

After two years, they redesigned the large collection. The new Ora-Ito collection is now available in white color. If black kitchen appliances are considered modern these days, white appliances are even above it. They just became a new trend. Ora-Ïto characterizes his recognizable style as simplexity; Combine simplicity and complexity. As a result, he gets a futuristic and provocative product.

All appliances from the collection are made of white glass with aluminum handles. All of them have a clean, minimalist design where everything has a purpose. Striking design details cleverly and subtly combine the fridge freezer with oven, hob, extractor hood and decorative panels. Soft and clear lines with a sharp, soft shape are tomorrow’s classics.

The new slogan is:

Appreciate the unique Gorenje ora-Ïto white collection! Because white captures all the light in this world; because it unites all colorful thoughts; because design associated with white has a special meaning!

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Gorenje Ora Ita White Kitchen Utensils |  White kitchen.
New Ora-Ito White kitchen appliances from Gorenje |  White kitchen.