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Architect Sergey Makhno renovated an existing building in the Kyiv suburbs to create a new residence for him and his family. The project, called Shkrub House, is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which finds beauty in imperfection. Characterized by the use of unpolished Ukrainian materials such as adobe walls and the monumental thatched roof, the house is also designed in contemporary Ukrainian style.

The Shkrub House is set over two floors, with the ground floor incorporating the more social aspects of the project and the upper floor housing the private bedroom areas. However, these two levels are not completely different, as they are connected by the double volume of the living room, which is also visible from the master bedroom on the upper floor, providing a connection throughout the house.

The now living, dining and kitchen areas saw the biggest changes from the renovation of the existing building. The walls and ceilings of these rooms are decorated with wood, which also shows Makhno’s extensive collection of clay objects from the 5th to 2nd millennium BC. The upper floor should be simple and consist of a gallery and bedrooms for the family. The hall ends with a balcony overlooking the living room and the garden – the first thing the owners see when they leave their rooms in the morning.

Outside, the fusion of Japan and Ukraine continues, while maple and cherry trees stand alongside zoomorphic ceramics from Ukraine and contemporary art. Overall, the design of the Shkrub house, with the mix of natural materials and organic shapes within the regular volume of the building, results in a contemporary interpretation of tradition.

sergey makhno is building a japanese garden in the ukrainian suburb
A thatched roof house that combines Ukrainian and Japanese.
sergey makhno is building a japanese garden in the ukrainian suburb

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