wood accent walls

Wood was and is wood because it looks natural, warm and chic and gives such a cosiness that cannot be achieved with other types of decoration. In addition, it easily fits into almost any interior. Wooden floors, ceilings, walls, furniture and even bathtubs have taken over the design world due to the uniqueness of each look as no two trees would look the same. Today I want to draw your attention to wood accent walls that are pretty easy to install yourself and will look great.

Wood accent walls in living spaces

Living rooms get a lot cozier with wood accent walls! Modern, traditional, shabby chic, vintage, rustic and farmhouse interiors can easily be softened and made cozier with wood walls. Make a wood wall yourself and attach any wood you like to the walls: whitewashed for vintage and scandi spaces, palletized and reclaimed for rustic and traditional spaces. You can even create an eye-catching pattern, e.g. B.: B. a diagonal.

Wood accent walls in bedrooms

Bedrooms are the most popular spaces for creating a wooden wall, and of course it’s the wall behind the headboard. This will accentuate the bed and you can add different pictures, artwork, lights, letters and antlers to this wall to make it more lively. If you have a rustic bedroom, I think building a wall like this is a must. The warmer you take wood, the more convenient it is and don’t forget that pallets can be a perfect source of material for this type of craft.

Wood accent walls in bathrooms

As I said earlier, wood is the hottest material to decorate a bathroom. Do not be afraid to use it as special finishes to prevent moisture from spoiling it. Wooden bathtubs, sinks, cabinets and of course walls look super modern and trendy. A warm wooden wall looks fantastic in a clean all-white bathroom. It contrasts and defines the entire space. We recommend highlighting the wall behind the bathtub for the most dramatic effect.

Accent walls made of wood in kindergartens

Warm up your child’s room with a wood accent wall! Get reclaimed wood and turn the wall behind the bed into a wooden masterpiece that brings warmth! You can also create different patterns as you clad the wood and decorate this wall with names, lights, lamps, photos and artwork to make a statement in the child’s room. A wooden wall guarantees a warm feeling in the children’s room. So don’t hesitate to find some tutorials on the internet.

Wood accent walls in home offices

Create a warm work environment by adding wood paneling to a wall. Reclaimed wooden planks would also work as a spell. Using darker tones can help make your home office moody and masculine.

Wood accent walls in kitchens and dining rooms

Wood is a great material for kitchens and dining areas. Some cabinets and furniture may already be made out of wood, so a wood-accented wall would be a nice addition. Besides, who doesn’t want their meals to take place in a cozy environment?

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