Decorate organize children’s room

Decorate organize children’s room

We continue to give some advice on how to organize a child’s room and today I want to talk about the design and furnishing of children’s rooms, not for the little ones and not for the teenagers. If you have a toddler, you should create a nice space for them so that your child will feel happy and safe when they return to the room. How does it work?

No matter what style and decor you choose, a child’s bedroom should have a sleeping area, a work area, a play area, and elegantly organized closet and storage space. Let’s take a closer look.

The sleeping zone

Go here for maximum comfort and coziness, make it your child’s private corner where they will feel relaxed. The bed plays the leading role here: it should be comfortable and cute, and of course it should highlight the room decoration. It can be very creative: house-shaped, truck-shaped or boat-shaped. Add a canopy if it’s a little princess room or your boy’s favorite posters on the wall and a playful lamp on the bedside table.

The study and creative area

Kids love to create, draw, paint, do whatever they want! And they also have to learn a bit, so there should be a learning space. A desk with storage, a comfortable chair or a bench are great ideas for any room. Keep them in the same style as the room as a whole. Another great idea is a long desktop on the wall: it saves a lot of space and is perfect for shared rooms. Your child can also invite friends and everyone has enough space on the desk.

The scope

Play is one of the most important things in your child’s life. So create a comfortable zone to play in and invite little friends to play together. If you have enough space, you can arrange a separate playroom. If not, add a play corner to the play decor. The most popular objects for a play corner are a teepee, a desk or blackboard wall for drawing and designing, various toys, a play kitchen, etc. Here everything depends on your child’s tastes and desires.

Organize a children’s wardrobe

After decorating the entire previous room, only one question remains: where will your child keep all their clothes and shoes? If you have enough space, make a closet or built-in closet and add shelves, hangers, hooks and holders. If not, there is a trendy solution – a makeshift wardrobe that allows clothes and shoes to become part of the decor. Don’t forget to place a sideboard for smaller things.