wood headboards

A headboard is a cool piece that can accentuate the style of your bedroom, make a statement, give you storage, or give you extra light or colour. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard but you want one, you can make it out of different materials and in different styles to suit the space. Wooden headboards are timeless: they go well with any type of decoration. Need inspiration? Here it is!

Live Edge wood headboards

Live Edge wood furniture and decor is very trendy and bold and you can see many such items – many designers and homeowners are rocking them. Make a great living edge wooden headboard to upgrade your bedroom and give it a super contemporary feel. Live Edge brings a natural touch to the room, making you feel closer to nature.

Ceiling wooden headboards

If you want to make a statement, make it with a headboard, rock a headboard that reaches the ceiling, or even take up part of your ceiling. A headboard that reaches the ceiling can be equipped with LED lights on each side. If it is also a ceiling headboard, it can include lights, pendant lights, floating nightstands or shelves, and your bedroom will look delighted.

Patterned wooden headboards

If you want to add pattern to your bedroom, rock a unique headboard that’s covered in pattern—usually it’s chevron. It can be a stained or painted wooden headboard – whatever suits your bedroom style. Make a hexagonal wooden headboard for a modern bedroom – geometries are very trendy and edgy right now. Another idea suitable for boho or Moroccan bedrooms is a beautifully decorated wooden headboard that can be stained or painted any color.

Other wooden headboards

If the above ideas don’t fit your bedroom, consider a sleek wood headboard with rich stain, a wood headboard with a living edge for a natural feel, an elegant carved wood headboard, a bamboo plank headboard for a boho space or look Just click below for more ideas! Need ideas for DIY wooden headboards? Go here!

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