Creative bold bathroom tile ideas

A bathroom is one of the busiest areas of the home and making it charming and welcoming is a must. But what if you are tired and bored with ordinary bathroom decor tiles? Don’t worry, there are some particularly bold and creative tile ideas you can steal. Here you are!

Green tiles

Glossy green tiles are great as they are really rich and enchanting. In addition, the color itself completely takes over in 2019. Green is coming back with a vengeance and we’re obsessed! Whether you choose a green tile accent wall or add a few tiles here and there, the result will be a cool statement.

Hexagonal tiles

You can make a statement not only with color but also with shape. Hexagonal tiles are great because they already have a built in design. Plus, they add visual appeal without requiring you to do as much. These tiles are primed to bring any space to life while working with any palette. Having a black and white or just plain neutral bathroom doesn’t have to be boring anymore. It could be anything you’ve imagined with a touch of modern glamor if you just throw in these tiles.

Reflective tiles

Tiles with a reflective finish are great for developing this modern approach that blends seamlessly with your decor. This air of beauty comes with reflective tiles that bring a space to life. In addition, such tiles guarantee that your bathroom will be flooded with light, as they reflect light.

pop of colour

Think about what color you want your bathroom to be. If you want a pop of color, bring it with tiles. There’s no better way to add a pop of color than to create a beautiful ad with bold tiles. Tiles are truly unique while at the same time making the space feel grand and elegant. If in doubt, consider using two different tile colors as an option, or even create a pattern.