Simple Living Room Ideas

Simple living room ideas

SIMPLE LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Have you heard that simplicity sometimes means boredom? This is understandable, since simplicity requires essential things that only serve specific purposes. This overall view also comes into play with simple living room ideas.

The goal of arousing relieved feelings in family members challenges lovers of simple living room concepts. This encourages them to think twice about how to create a living room that works best but isn’t boring either.

Simple living room with a large window

Simple living room with a large window

When designing a home, consider creating a large window that lets natural light into the living room, as shown here. This concept works best when you want to use the living room as a study or reading room.

With the natural light you can turn off lamps during the day. This strategy not only saves electricity bills, but can also support the green publicity campaign. Place wooden floors, Scandinavian desks with open and closed cabinets as storage space.

Have plants, decorative pendant lights, and colorful sofa cushions handy for refreshment.

Simple living room with creative wall decoration

Create your available mini-space for a living room as an art medium. Don’t let the white wall appear bare and plain in the room. Color the walls with a long picture with red-black scratches.

In another part, draw red flowers with the black little plane over them. If you can’t draw well enough, hire a wall painter to do the work. With a few eye-catching color paintings, the simple living room looks nice and a bit lively.

Simple living room with bold color curtains

If you want enough living room space, consider putting thick, thick curtains over the large window pane you set up. The curtain type protects the room from excessive daylight and protects what gets into the room from onlookers.

In addition, the type of curtain beautifies the living room, as it not only looks too simple with neutral colors. Strong colors such as purple enhance the elegance that simple living spaces convey and that depends on the choice of furniture.

Simple living room with carpet

A carpet can say a lot. Not only as seating for family members, carpets or rugs can also beautify a living room. In simple living rooms, carpets or rugs can set the artistic tone of the room.

You can see that in this picture. The colorful carpet sweetens the once plain gray floor, which goes well with the sofa and the color of the wall. The carpet still retains the gray theme in the simple living room and creates a lively mode.

Simple living room with a light sofa

Using brightly colored sofas or chairs can bring your simple living room ideas to a fresh place like this picture shows. The yellow, large sofa that goes with the yellow coffee table and sofa cushions brightens up the room.

Therefore, despite the small size of the room and some objects, you can feel a lively atmosphere that surrounds the place. The fifth of the overall simple living room ideas requires that you get out of the “comfort zone”.

In this regard, if necessary, try to mix solid-color furniture and elements with bright or shocking colors.

Simple living room with creative storage

You can no longer just collect items in the warehouse. They don’t just close in the form of cabinets or cupboards. As interior design evolves, storage can take various forms that later lead us to use it as decoration.

Hang a square wooden storage cabinet to decorate plain white walls. You can put flowers and plants in the storage space to further embellish the walls. Put a larger box-shaped storage space next to the black leather sofa.

A classic next to the storage area, a black iron container as a secure one. Your simple living room will look cool with the different storage options.

Simple living room with sunny colors

Create a nice breakthrough for your simple living room by applying soft, light colors for the stain. With this simple idea, the living room can look chic and beautiful. Due to the curated room decoration and arrangement, an airy tone can still be felt here.

You can choose between pale pink, light blue or yellow as the wall color. Don’t hesitate to contrast the wall color with other bright colors to make the living room look juicy. Hopefully this subtopic will lift your spirits after long hours in the office.

The usable sound in the room can inspire all family members.

Simple living room with plants

Would you like to color your simple living room, but don’t like light colors? Instead, try placing plants around the spot. We hope the green element doesn’t obstruct your view. Take different plants like cacti, small plants in pots and larger ones.

The eighth of the overall simple living room ideas tries to combine the pure white simple living room with a shade of green. So even a simple mini living room can freshen your eyes with simple plant selection.

To make the room look earthy, choose wood materials for the chairs or tables.

Table selection for a simple living room

Who would have thought that choosing a table for a simple living room could make a huge difference? Pick one or more table types that make the simple living room look cute in this picture.

Square table, coffee table, X-shaped table or desk, to name a few. Also, put decorations on the tables to brighten up the living room. With this simple trick, the living room will look creative, especially if you use decorative lamps.

Simple living room corner decoration

The final tip for the simple living room ideas is that one corner of the room looks “full”. Try to place a ladder-shaped storage space as one of the most popular interior decorations these days. Here you can place books, flowers, plants and other things.

With this one innovative storage space, the corner feels cute while the space is not full with limited space for the room. Other ideas include putting up tall open cupboards, cupboards, or large plants.

Which of the simple living room ideas that match your preferences from the list? It’s about finding little tricks to make the room look stylish.


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