Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Living Room Wall Art Ideas

Wall art ideas for the living room

LIVING ROOM WALL ART IDEAS – Create your own gallery. Use plain living room walls as an affordable medium to channel creativity. There are many ideas out there to design the gallery without costing too much money.

And when you turn the walls into a gallery, the surroundings naturally feel colorful. Staring at the walls is no longer a boring occupation when you don’t have much to do in the living room in your free time. Invite your children to embellish the walls if necessary.

Collectibles as inspiration for wall art in the living room

Collectibles as inspiration for wall art in the living room.  Source:

Do you have collectibles to hang on the walls of your living room? The first tip will cost you very little as all you need to do is fill the walls with beautiful ceramic from the picture.

The collectibles go very well with the white painted walls. The combination of the two makes the area a warm and calming place as the collectibles are done in pastel and neutral colors. Other collectibles include hats, small statues, and wooden letters.

Great painting of the human body in the unique living room

Great painting of the human body in the unique living room.  Source:

Fill one of the living room walls with this large painting of the human body as shown here. The painting is quick to steal people’s eyes as soon as they enter the area. The painting arouses the curiosity of guests who want to know what the painting means.

The painting only shows a man’s back with his head. This type of color adds a “unique” layer to the overall theme of the industrial living room that compliments various strange elements.

They cover the pendant lamp, the statues and the wooden display on the table.

Pictures of strangers as living room murals

Images of strangers as living room wall art.  Source:

People as endless inspiration for wall art. We’ll now select another human-like wall art that is pretty similar to the second idea. The difference lies in the full-body look of the pictures, one is a woman, the other a man.

Interestingly, they seem to avoid the camera or people’s eyes. Hence, their gestures look strange. The pictures nicely fill the walls of the living room in the picture. They somehow bring peculiarities to the room that feel pretty conventional.

Such a brilliant idea to spice up the living room.

Play around with paint and scratches in the living room

Play around with paint and scratches in the living room

A small living room like this one can channel your love for abstract art. Living room walls painted white open up flexible ideas as to which painting should fill the walls. The pictures here look very creative.

The drawings show color combinations in irregular scratches. Blue, gray, yellow, red and white are among the colors. With the “free” theme, the images quickly grab people’s attention. The drawings are open to many interpretations and a classic choice.

Royal style wall art

Royal living room wall art.  Source: Pinterest

Hire professional painters or wall painters to completely transform your planned kingdom-inspired living room. Don’t leave any part of the wall untouched with paint. The result looks very luxurious here. The painters draw the walls and the ceiling with the carpet.

Use bold reds and blues as the dominant colors to draw the living room, as used in many royal rooms. Elaborate details and careful decoration of the rounded walls play an important role. You can even ask the painters to add libraries or bookshelves.

The fifth of our entire living room wall art ideas costs a lot, but is well worth it.

Leaves inspired wallpaper as a wall art idea

Leaf-inspired wallpaper as a wall art idea.  Source:

The wallpaper is easy to install with different models to suit your needs. Choose a large and specific wallpaper for large living room walls. Wallpaper inspired by leaves beautify the walls and freshen up the surroundings.

The wallpaper chooses light green and white for the leaf models. The choice of different styles brings relief and novelty to the region. The wallpaper fits perfectly to the room, which is actually covered in white.

Pay attention to the care and cleaning of the wallpaper in order to achieve a permanently beautiful appearance.

Nautical displays for living rooms

Nautical displays for living rooms

One of our living room wall mural ideas encourages you to pick a specific living room theme that shows your preference for something. The picture shows how your love for the navy or the sea can morph into this beautiful area, with nautical displays on the walls.

The gray walls contain two iconic maritime items that show the nautical look here pretty well. The anchors and the framed lifebuoy and rope picture look cute and go with the theme.

Do not fill in the walls as nautical room decorations are already in place. The limited displays reinforce the overall idea of ​​the room.

Handmade wall art in the living room

Handmade wall art in the living room

Let’s do it ourselves (DIY) for your mini living room. Get white paper, cartoon papers, pen and glue. Write motivational words to help strengthen your mind when the morning comes. Hang up white papers with alphabets to help your young children learn to read.

Play around with HOME words and hang them vertically on the walls from the photo. Simple, cheap and useful. Wall art in the living room doesn’t have to be expensive. This idea makes the area more homely.

Wall pictures with framed family pictures

Wall art with framed family pictures.  Source:

Family pictures can be another inexpensive way to decorate the walls of your living room. The key is the frame selection in terms of size and type. As can be seen in the picture, family pictures are inserted in rectangular and square frames.

Later they complete the largest frame in the middle of the walls. What an interesting idea that choosing and organizing the frame actually makes it an art in itself. It shouldn’t cost a lot to print out the pictures and buy the frames.

Wall art only with frame

Wall art only with frame

We conclude our living room wall ideas with this weird but attractive result. Select some blank wooden frames to hang on the living room walls. You can hang the frames as usual or not as the photo shows.

Accompany the walls with brightly colored rectangular and square boxes. Some are made up of dotted lines. You can draw them all or just add post-ready rectangular and square boxes.

As a result, the total area with the triangular-inspired carpet and the bar table and the lamp with sharp lining appears “very geometric”.

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