Hispanic rock n roll furniture

Hispanic rock n roll furniture

This new furniture range from the design duo Estudio Persona is based on the aesthetics of their native country Uruguay.

The furniture series is like a discussion between functionality and sculpture, product and narrative, to create furniture that appeals to both space and the body. The duo chose a palette of muted colors, natural materials and matte finishes for the designs, which isn’t typical of Latin America, but that was the purpose.

The collection includes the Una set, consisting of a large wooden dining table with thick cylindrical legs and a matching chair in either black or maple. The backrest of the chair corresponds to the shape of the table legs, but is turned 90 degrees and covered with leather. It is supported on a wooden dowel and forms a T over the horseshoe-shaped seat.

In the Puru side table there is also a cylinder that connects the ends of a folded stainless steel profile. The carrier comes with a burgundy lacquer finish, remaining in a limited edition as an unfinished wood or a marbled peach resin finish.

The designs also include the Nido chair, which comes in a variety of colors. A curved leather upholstery shell forms both the seat and the backrest, which is placed on a base of two wooden crosses cut as a cross.

Furniture Collection Inspired by Hispanic Rock 'n' Roll - DigsDi
Estudio Persona by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young (With images.
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