Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Cottage bedroom ideas

IDEAS FOR BEDROOMS IN THE COTTAGE – Do you have a vacation home out of town? Take advantage of the cottage location with the right cottage bedroom. We are sure that your holiday home is somewhere deep in the forest or on the beach.

Planning a cottage bedroom is very important. This will help create a cottage bedroom that will help you enjoy your vacation at its best. What’s the use of enjoying sunrises if your bedroom in your cottage is uncomfortable?

What Makes a Cottage Bedroom a Good One? Read our stocks below.

Nice cottage bedroom

Nice cottage bedroom

Raise your hands if you think this bedroom is too cute not to be occupied? Even if your vacation home is surrounded by a beautiful beach or mountain, you don’t want to miss out on relaxation and sleeping in this beautiful bedroom.

To create that bedroom tone, all you need to do is choose a floral wallpaper, a floral bedspread, and a floral pillow fabric. You just have to choose a different floral pattern for each and then voila!

This bedroom enhances the beauty with the classic bed frame and desks. Fresh flowers, as seen here, are a natural refreshment. So pretty and relaxing.

Airy cottage bedroom


Breathing fresh air is a top priority in this cottage bedroom. Practicing this model will definitely help you release tension from day-to-day work. Due to the low ceiling, this bedroom surrounds the room with the large windows.

As the picture shows, the bedroom looks airy. Wood is also used in the bedroom, which naturally creates cool air. The wood will later become the ceiling and wall after it has been painted white.

This is the color that paints the bed frame. The bed frame model looks traditional. It seems to have layered mattresses to make you feel comfortable.

Adorable cottage bedroom


More and more flowers for this bedroom. This is our second cottage bedroom that maximizes the great charm of flowers. As you can see, the floral motif comes in many forms, from bedspreads to hanging lamps.

We explicitly call this model “delightful” because of the cute little things. You can feel that in the lamps, the alarm clock and the flower pictures, among other things. They all look cute and beautiful.

Comfort is also a priority in the bedroom. This results from the white painted wooden wall and the floor.

Warm cottage bedroom


For a luxury vacation home, it is recommended to build a brown bedroom. As this example shows, a dominant shade of brown is used in the bedroom, which comes mainly from wood. This natural material appears from the ceiling to the floor.

The furniture also uses wood. We appreciate that the bedroom has chosen a classic furnishing style, as you can see for example on the bed. And look at the valance arrangement. Not only warm, but this bedroom looks graceful too.

The bed frame contains layered mattresses with soft fabrics to ensure a comfortable sleep and a deep reading moment in the chair.

Pleasant cottage bedroom


A simple cottage bedroom like this is enough for a comfortable sleeping experience. On the surface, you might think it looks casual. Take a second look at how this bedroom incorporates the fundamentals of a cozy atmosphere.

We are referring to the wooden boards that serve as the wall and ceiling of the bedroom. The strong, natural sound generator is accompanied by the large window. The bed frame and desks already feel intense in an airy ambience and also use wood.

The duvet, pillow, and mattress are so tempting to sit on and then sleep.

Quiet cottage bedroom


Once again, wood is becoming a leading material for a cottage bedroom. As this shows, wood takes up a lot of boards that will later serve as a wall. The desk and bed frame all use wood with a similar appearance.

Pay attention to the color choices of the bedroom. The combination of brown and gray leads to this quiet bedroom. One of the walls of the bedroom is being painted gray. So also with the floor. We love the gray and white striped duvet.

The positioning of the bed frame makes the bedroom look relaxed and modest.

Cozy cottage bedroom


Such a cozy cottage bedroom with a unique layout. Just look at the ceiling with that one little window. If we look at the entire layout of the bedroom, we come to the conclusion that it is inspired by the nautical bedroom.

You can get this feel from the door style that reminds us so much of a pirate bedroom. The blue and white striped fabrics represent navy blue, which is closely related to the color of the nautical bedroom. The bedroom wallpaper looks so great.

Given the narrow space, the bedroom has some furniture, all of which appear modest.

Classic cottage bedroom


Vintage and beautiful. Our next cottage bedroom has the best of classic bedroom style features. The bed frame model, for example, strongly reminds us of the traditional bed frame thanks to the metallic holder style.

The wooden chair and desks also look classic. You can understand the excruciating leg style of the desks. Another classic element comes from the large curtain style and the picture on the wall.

We love that the bedroom chooses the orange curtain and patterned motif blankets and pillow cases to make them all look gorgeous.

Wonderful cottage bedroom


This bedroom is blessed with plenty of space. And this bedroom knows how to use it well. It becomes a multifunctional space. In addition to sleeping, you can read about it here on the sofa.

We are amazed how the type of wood characterizes the entire bedroom. The wood looks naturally light and fresh. In addition, the wood forms the trendy ceiling, which itself becomes a decoration.

Great cottage bedroom


What a huge effort our final model is! This bedroom definitely goes beyond what we discussed earlier. This bedroom chooses the thick fabrics that can serve as a partition.

What attracts us most is the wall decoration. The large flower decorations look cute when hung on the bedroom wall. The bedroom serves as a place to relax with the cute bench and desk.

On the desk is the laptop, which hopefully doesn’t encourage you to do your work while on vacation.


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