Thanksgiving fireplace decor

Thanksgiving fireplace decor

If you have a fireplace and mantel – real or fake – these should be used to decorate for Thanksgiving. Fireplaces and mantels give the room an instant cozy feel, and decorating for Thanksgiving just got cozier. Let’s take a look at the ideas!


A mantel, even if it’s imitation, can be beautifully decorated for Thanksgiving. It can be decorated with fake or real autumn leaves – make some garlands out of them or put them on tree branches in jars and vases. Place some pumpkins – you can still paint and decorate them and stack them on the mantel or put them on some stands. The pumpkins can be painted or decorated in a variety of ways to suit your home. If they’re colorful heirloom pumpkins, leave them as they are – they’re cool! Go for fresh greens and blooms if you like – they make great cascading decorations and floral pot centerpieces. Add some candle lanterns, fabric and paper banners with a variety of letters, framed signs and artwork. You can also use artificial fruits and berries or real ones to decorate the mantel – put them in bowls, add moss balls and wheat. Create any combos!


If your chimney doesn’t work, you can put pumpkins and gourds in it, artificial or real, it’s up to you. Put them right there or put them in pallets, baskets and buckets and then put them there. Firewood inside is also a good and cozy idea not only for Thanksgiving but also for fall. You can add LEDs if you like. If your fireplace works, create an arrangement not inside, but next to it – some baskets of vegetables and gourds, stacks of gourds and other things. Put some stools around the fireplace, put potted plants and flowers, put candles in candle lanterns to make your own cozy corner for Thanksgiving.

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