Cool fireplaces and stoves

Cool fireplaces and stoves

Fall is coming and it will be important to keep you warm and cozy at home. A beautiful fireplace or hearth can be a great idea that creates a comfortable environment that you never want to leave. If you can’t rock a regular fireplace, you can opt for ethanol, pellet or another model. Here is a selection of such stoves and fireplaces, ready to buy and heat the room.

Natura is an innovative stove whose main body is made of steel with cork profiles placed and fixed to its structure. The cork material also acts as a safety layer, allowing users to safely touch and feel the wood stove. The idea of ​​using cork as the main covering material arose from the desire to give the user the opportunity to touch the stove to feel the heat more and more.

Gor is a cross between a freestanding fireplace and a coffee table. A solid block is stabbed with thin sticks forming a contemporary altar for domestic relaxation rituals. Its minimal style makes it suitable for all types of spaces, while the fire softens the heaviness of the form. It is TÜV certified, runs on bioethanol and is safe.

In a society that is increasingly individualistic and where the massive use of technology separates us, designers Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada propose an object that uses fire to bring people together. Faro is a mini fireplace that can be placed indoors or outdoors with an ethanol burner. Materials such as red clay, hammered copper and aluminum give a touch of traditional wood burning.

The Solzaima TEK stove collection offers 6 interconnected but independent and unique ways to heat your home and get comfortable by the crackling fire! Tek System addresses the need for oven storage with new ways to improve usability. Tek Wall aims to remove the presence of gear from the ground. Tek Lumber, a stove reduced to the essentials.

Here is a cool, modern and very versatile globe ventless fireplace from Vauni that can be wall mounted, stand mounted or simply placed on the floor. Thanks to its lightweight, chimney-free design, the Vauni “Globe” fireplace can also easily be used indoors or as a patio heater. Available in matte white or black. See more modern fireplaces from Vauni.

Typically, a wood-burning stove or fireplace resembles a specific box-like shape with little flexibility. With Speedbox, Philippe Starck offers setting options for heating furniture – a patented, powerful and environmentally friendly design that is also based on modules. The piece features cuboid units – large and small – that can be arranged in an endless number of formations. There is a fire module and an electronic module, a cube pebble, a cube for books, a cube for sitting; Available in white, black or silver.

Designer Davide Tonizzo combines storage items with a fireplace. Manufactured by Bühler Furniture, the units are part of the Midtown collection, which brings the coziness of a fireplace into convenient storage, making them the perfect double work piece for your living room. The pieces use a totally safe, virtual flame to allow the stove to sit within the woodwork surrounding it.

The EcoSmart Fire gas fireplace makes it easy to view the fire. No smoke, no lighting and no soot. Let the logs be just a decoration of your stylish and flame retardant stainless steel fireplace. Just 3 liters of bioethanol, the combustion of which does not harm nature, works for 8 hours!