Yellow kitchen decor ideas

It’s fall and the colors are getting moodier and darker and we’re lacking in sunlight. There’s an easy way to make your mood sunnier – add yellow to your home decor and you’ll get a sunny touch that will elevate your mood. Today I want to share some ideas to rock yellow in your kitchen, because this is where you drink coffee and breakfast in the morning and it sets you up for the day.

Yellow cabinets

If you want a colorful touch, yellow kitchen cabinets are your choice. There are a variety of shades to choose from: from saturated buttermilk tones to lemon and neon yellow, so it’s easy to find something you like. In terms of combinability, yellow goes well with neutrals, darks, and some bold colors like navy, emerald, or lavender. You can choose between a black vibe kitchen and yellow cabinets, or an airy white space with the same cabinets, or a trendy two-tone kitchen with hanging yellow and dark cabinets.

Yellow backsplashes

If you’re not ready to make radical changes in your kitchen but still want some color for a sunny vibe, a yellow kitchen backsplash is a great solution. It suits many kitchen styles, from minimalist and industrial to farmhouse and moody. Plus, it’s not expensive to just change a backsplash, and you’ll find a lot of cool tiles in all shades of yellow. Add extra lighting to a sleek backsplash to make it stand out even more.

Yellow kitchen islands

A yellow kitchen island is another great idea that doesn’t cost much and gets a lot of attention. Such a detail can be added to a neutral kitchen to enhance it or a dark one to liven it up. Choose a kitchen island that matches your kitchen style or simply add a bold yellow second layer to the island. Voila, the mood is sunny!

By the way, yellow devices are also a good way.

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