Versatile living room

Choosing a particular style for your living room can be a difficult decision, and sometimes you just can’t make up your mind. But the good news is, you don’t have to: you can get versatile! Eclectic is a blend of many styles, a style that accepts patterns and colors of different natures and blends them into one style to create a modern and dramatic appearance. However, being eclectic doesn’t mean anything happens here, and there are some tips for getting it right.

Choose a solid color

One color should serve as a consistent color in your design. This is especially important when mixing crazy colors or creating an unusual combination of different eras in the decor – at least combine them with one color! Whether your favorite color is olive green or off-white, keep coming back to it when decorating for a cohesive look.

mix textures

Incorporating rough and smooth textures adds interest to an interior space, especially if you choose a simple color palette. While combining textures is key, there’s also room to use a texture at least 3 times in different places throughout the house for a cohesive look.

Practice balance

Make it your goal to find a balance between scale and symmetry. Similar lines create design harmony even if the pieces have different styles, textures or eras. Don’t Sacrifice Organization for Variety: When deciding on the decor to incorporate into your eclectic design, remember that the space is meant for living. Check out baskets, bookshelves, drink trays and card tables. These elements give your room a cozy, cozy atmosphere.

Include negative space

When it comes to an eclectic decorating style, you know your eye needs a place to rest. “Keep a few spaces empty in shelves and tables, and look at the outlines of a number of artworks for an interesting shape of the wall behind.

Create a focus

Although the eclectic style involves combining styles and periods through a variety of elements, the curated look shouldn’t be fuzzy. Create your focal point with an eye-catching element – like an accent wall, a fireplace, or a bold piece of decor.

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