Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

Bedroom accent wall ideas

BEDROOM ACCENT WALL IDEAS – Most of us are familiar with a bedroom wall that is painted in colors like white, gray, and brown. Choosing the wall safe is not only the right choice, it also saves us a lot of money.

The growing modeling of interior design opens the door to a rich accent wall in the bedroom. From wallpaper to handcrafted mural, a bedroom accent wall can become an aesthetic aspect. Would you like to make your bedroom wall look different?

Try out one of our ideas here.

Accent wall in the nautical bedroom

Accent wall in the nautical bedroom

What Makes a Bedroom Wallpaper an Accent? Choose a wallpaper style for a bedroom that fits a general bedroom theme. This example picks up on a nautical bedroom wallpaper that enhances the taste of the bedroom theme.

We can clearly feel the nautical tone of the ships filling the white background of the wallpaper. The choice makes sense given the bedroom, which looks so intense in a blue setting emanating from the bed and desk.

Interestingly, the ships look raw and handwritten. This makes the bedroom look even more unique.

Two bedroom accent wall model


We applaud how this bedroom feels like a modern classic with simple ideas. One of them is in the bedroom wall. The bedroom wall consists of two models, all of which are painted in a strong shade of blue.

Let’s focus a little on the bedroom wall, which will serve as the background for the bed. The upper part looks simple, while the lower part has some curves that are reminiscent of the traditional bedroom wall, but with wooden planks.

Instead of wooden planks, concrete is still used in the bedroom. The simple idea that will be very impressive.

Ornate bedroom accent wall


Aesthetic and luxurious. Please make sure you set up an artistic bedroom accent wall that matches the overall look of the bedroom. This bedroom wall seems to harmonize with other bedroom elements such as the lighting and the bed frame.

The bedroom wall contains exquisite white and gray handicrafts. Although the manufactured part occupies four subsegments, they are enough to add aesthetic appeal to the bedroom wall. The rest remains white.

The strategy makes the bedroom look fair in the decoration. So the bedroom still feels cozy and not too crowded.

Purple bedroom accent wall


There is nothing like purple wallpaper for a purple bedroom. The example shows how the wallpaper model envelops the bedroom in a total purple. The wallpaper uses the patterned motif to compensate for the ceiling.

The wallpaper becomes another purple taste idea for the bedroom. It makes the bedroom artistic. The stool is purple but not strong enough. In addition to purple, the bedroom works with white, which also appears on the wallpaper.

The color combination in the bedroom makes the occupant of the bedroom feel nice and comfortable.

Accent wall in the beach bedroom


Not just a beach picture, but also gray wooden boards that become the wall of the bedroom. The two take inspiration from the beach basics that create strong beach tones in this modern bedroom.

Besides, the beach wallpaper looks bright and beautiful. We believe that at this point, the residents of the bedroom may feel like they are moving into a bedroom on the beach. The wall accommodates the open and floating shelves.

This is how the bedroom wall looks full, but remains comfortable while studying or relaxing.

Floral accent wall in the bedroom


The bedroom’s floral accent wall seems familiar in today’s bedroom. The example invites us to choose a floral wallpaper that goes with the bedspread. Upon closer inspection, they choose a similar type of flower.

We can also see that the flower model chooses yellow and white. The floral tone is expressed in the pillowcases and fresh flowers. Thank you so much for the wallpaper that adds the ultimate floral touch to the whole bedroom.

The wallpaper becomes an accent part of the “crowded” ambience that emanates from the wall. Very nice and happy.

Bright bedroom accent wall


Wooden boards often turn into a bedroom wall. Since the example uses a nautical bedroom style, the bedroom chooses the particular type of wood. The wood looks light and fresh. This is completely removed from the cabin of a ship.

The bedroom wall looks significant as it supports the nautical bedroom model here. Divided into two parts, the first wall section of the bedroom is filled by the square windows. While the second part picks up the lifebuoy.

You can practice the bedroom wall for any bedroom type you choose. It’s not just limited to nautical bedroom models.

Handcrafted bedroom accent wall


Make your bedroom wall accented and cozy. If you look closely at the bedroom wall, you can see that the bedroom wall is actually using wallpaper. But there are two wallpapers that fill the bedroom.

One is the white wallpaper that picks up the notes. You can draw the notes yourself. The other wallpaper uses the smooth back. Use a whiteboard to complement the background image with the images from the example.

The handcrafted bedroom wall decoration looks accentuated and homely. It brings out the taste of music in the bedroom.

Industrial bedroom accent wall


You can either set up a red brick wallpaper or choose real red brick as the bedroom wall. By choosing, the bedroom completes the industrial bedroom style that it applies. There are some handmade words on the bedroom wall.

On the wall of the bedroom you can feel a strong industrial tone that is reminiscent of the early industrial age. The vintage and natural flavors here support the industrial tone. Another industrial bedroom model looks intense in terms of furnishings and decoration.

Street style bedroom accent wall


The last example actually comes from the industrial bedroom model. This time the bedroom model looks a bit modern. It sets up the white-painted bricks as a bedroom wall.

Vintage and a little tough, the bedroom wall is filled with the little lamps and the paintings. Two of the overall images show street names and signs for local public transport. There we call the last accent Wall Street Style.

We love how the bedroom accent wall describes surprising and spontaneous things that can happen when we’re on the street.


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