Geometrically shaped furniture

Geometry is a huge trend in home decor, and more and more designers and homeowners are incorporating various geometric accents into interiors. If this is what you want, you can opt for geometric wallpaper, wall stencils, furniture, lamps and artwork. Today’s roundup is all about furniture – after seeing these designs, you’ll definitely want one too.

Geometric furniture can be simply stenciled, printed, or truly sculpted to make a lasting impression. We have collected the most unique pieces of furniture that are geometric shaped and inspired by various geometric figures such as diamonds, hexagons, triangles and others, with trendy faceted features. Each of these elements can easily make a statement with its shape, color and lines that you choose at any time!


Geometric tables and desks are welcome to make your space amazing and unique. Rock a gorgeous sculptural desk with some storage to make a statement in your home office. Try an awesome geometric dining table or a kitchen island that climbs up the wall to accent the kitchen. Your living room can be highlighted with geometric end tables and coffee tables. If you do not want too bold design, choose a geometric glass table with a thin and elegant frame, or, conversely, a large arrangement of geometric coffee tables in the form of hexagons, triangles and other figures.

Other ideas

There are many more geometric shaped furniture ideas to complete your space! Geometric shaped chairs, hexagonal shelves on the walls, diamond inspired storage cabinets, incredible looking bookshelves and awesome geometric chairs can be incorporated into various interiors to make them look amazing. You can find many designs considering a touch of the styles you want to add – modern, contemporary, glamor or other.

Geometrically shaped furniture by Aranda / Lasch -, Insight, - M.
Friday Find / Geometric Shaped Furniture - Stein Texti
Friday Find / Geometric Shaped Furniture - Stein Texti

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