Tips for small guest rooms

Most homeowners face the problem of lack of space: we often have small bathrooms, entryways, kitchens and even bedrooms. Such rooms as guest rooms are also often small, although we must have a lot of space inside to make the guest feel comfortable. How to design a comfortable guest room with everything you need? Here are some tips and examples.

Buy a functional bed

A large bed will take up most of your space, but your guests will sleep comfortably in it. So it’s a good idea, and rocking large-scale pieces gives your space a more modern look. Reduce the number of other furniture in the room if they are really small. For the bed itself, choose a functional bed with a headboard with storage or storage. Bringing the bed closer to the wall gives the impression of more space and makes it easier for your visitors to access the bed.

Use hanging lamps

A chandelier, lantern or pendant light will free up a lot of floor space. In addition, the chandelier becomes the chic focal point of the small guest room. For bed space, you can use sconces or pendant lights, so a bedside table is not essential.

Add visual appeal

Each mirror makes the room look bigger and your guests may need them to dress up. You don’t even need an extra large one – a small mirror will do and have the same effect. White curtains, for example, soften the light and make the guest room very appealing. When done right, curtains make an otherwise small room appear larger. Keep the room neatly arranged: only put the necessary furniture and do not add anything. Avoiding large sized pieces is only good if you have a lot of furniture. If not, a large bed and chair are in order and will give the room a more modern look.

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