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In creating the unique Cam Thanh A&A Villa, the VRA design took advantage of the project’s rich cultural and natural contexts. The house is located in the ancient Vietnamese city of Hoian, surrounded by diverse and unique plants. The design of the house serves to highlight and promote elements such as the geometries and materials reminiscent of native plants, while the organization of the house recalls that of the traditional local dwelling type.

The fresh uniqueness of the look still adapts to the context in a way that is comfortable and familiar to the surroundings. The design team used the figurative leaves and trunks as a starting point for the unique structural design. A sloping column structure creates both a strong visual impact and an intimate space reminiscent of that under the coconut or nipa palm.

VRA organized the villa with a spatial arrangement reminiscent of old houses in the ancient city of Hoian. These spatial types are defined by long, linear plans divided into three short blocks by small gardens, enhancing the penetration of natural daylight and ventilation. The VRA team curates the space with a roughness of material, as the sculptural structure is expressed in exposed concrete and brick walls maintain the material texture. The interiors are designed to ensure a harmonious atmosphere that is rich and vibrant without being cluttered and overwhelming. Large trees grow both indoors and outdoors to filter daylight and enhance views of the natural surroundings. Outside there is an irregularly shaped pool, a terrace and even a green garden.

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