How to prepare the bedroom for summer

A bedroom is one of the most important places in your home as it is the place where you can relax after a long and busy day. Decorating it properly is important: it should improve your mood when you wake up and relax you when you go to sleep. Of course, you can change the decor depending on the season or holiday to make the room more comfortable. Today I want to share some tips to make your bedroom fresher and more welcoming for the summer. Let’s look at some ideas.

Clean up the room

Relax the space to allow summer breezes to cool the space down more and consider cross ventilation. In order for a summer breeze to flow through your room and the air to circulate, it is worth switching to sheer curtains. Remove all rugs and other rugs from the bedroom. Carpets create unnecessary heat and this heat makes the bedroom look warmer. Removing the rugs will cool the bedroom environment and make it look clean and tidy.

Hold the room light

Cool and fresh colors are better in summer to give you a comfortable feeling in the bedroom because it is hot outside and everything colorful is associated with heat. Neutral colors are a timeless solution for any room and any season, and even when summer is over these colors are okay as they never go out of style. Opt for white, white, light gray, ivory, cream and other similar colors. You can add a few darker touches for depth.

inject paint

Next, bring some life to the space with bright details and details, otherwise it will look dull. This can be your favorite potted plants, various colorful pieces of furniture, or at least some bedding. Bedding should be light in color and preferably have a cotton texture. It is important that all bedding, including pillowcases, be made of cotton as such natural materials will keep you cooler and allow your skin to breathe while you sleep. Check out the ideas below for inspiration!

How to prepare your bedroom for summer |  Amalia Home Collecti
How to prepare your bedroom for summer |  Amalia Home Collecti
4 Ways to Prepare Your Bedroom for Sum

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