Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn bedroom ideas

UNICORN BEDROOM IDEAS – The term “unicorn” is popular with the growing startups in Indonesia that have achieved unicorn status. Unicorn itself refers to a mythical animal typically depicted as a horse with a straight horn.

The horn appears from the forehead. No wonder a lot of people want to produce this bedroom style. We have therefore gathered 10 unicorn bedroom styles that could tempt you to have one. Look at them!

Super cute unicorn bedroom

Super cute unicorn bedroom
Source: Nebenroom.co

Our list includes unicorn bedroom ideas for kids or toddlers. Since the rising unicorn status in today’s business world, numerous unicorn decorations and accessories are available in home accessories stores.

The first one looks super cute. The combination of super soft pink and purple tones is a great start to make the bedroom comfortable and beautiful. The bedroom actually looks simple. What makes this seem adorable are the decorations.

Our favorite relates to the mini seat set, which can act as a small playground. Unicorn dolls will be placed in this bedroom.

Inspirational unicorn bedroom

Source: littlepinkarmy.com

Decorating a unicorn bedroom for your kids can give them positive vibes. This example fits this broad concept very well. This model seems to be more suitable for elementary school children.

Most of the wallpapers in the bedroom are purple and pink and grab our attention. The wallpaper seems to tell the kids that they want to go higher in life. It’s like unicorns reaching for the stars. The motivating words reinforce the positive message.

The bedroom looks bright and colorful. The dolls add a cute tone to the bedroom.

Nice unicorn bedroom

Source: decoredo.com

Nice and personal. This can be an alternative to a pink bedroom for your teenage girls. Since this is for teenagers, it would be too childish to wear lots of unicorn dolls. Replace that with a unicorn-based wallpaper like this one.

The wallpaper is accompanied by the name of the bedroom inhabitant Samantha. This is what makes us think of this bedroom as a private space. Butterflies surround the bedroom. The bedroom chooses the vintage bed frame.

The duvet and pillows all look romantic. The fresh flowers and chandelier lighting boast of the pretty aspect.

Sweet unicorn bedroom

Source: hugatug.com

After unicorn wallpapers and unicorn dolls, you can choose unicorn duvets and pillowcases. You can see the outcome of the strategy from this bedroom. Since this is for children, the bedroom chooses a soft shade of pink.

The unicorn frame gives this bedroom that extra unicorn tone. The bedroom wallpaper looks cute with the pink dots in the white background. Even if there aren’t many small accessories in the bedroom, the bedroom still looks cute.

Here the child can sleep peacefully and enjoy the unicorn ambience.

Brave unicorn’s bedroom

Source: hautecuisineimports.com

In this bedroom, the unicorn can inspire your children to be courageous and creative. And there is no better color to represent this property than red. The color looks fresh and bold off the bedroom wall.

Red combined with white creates a charming, high-contrast tone for the bedroom. We love how the unicorn tone appears in the bedroom. First, the unicorn shade stands out against the bedspread and pillows.

The unicorn seems to be flying like an angel, as the bedspread says. The unicorn can also be used as a wall decoration for the bedroom. So the bedroom still looks cute.

Fancy unicorn bedroom

Source: decoredo.com

Another unicorn wallpaper mockup for your little girl. You will be fascinated by the history of wallpaper. It seems that there is an angel who bewitches the unicorn in the wallpaper. The scene looks great.

We assume that it is the name of the resident of the bedroom. This bedroom chooses the modern vintage for the bed frame. The bed contains the colorful pillows and the dolls. They are enough to keep the child in bed.

Compared to the other examples, this one looks simpler, but remains chic and cute.

Great unicorn bedroom

Source: morebedrooms.com

Minimalistic and fresh. This bedroom shows what a modern unicorn bedroom looks like. You can practice this bedroom model if you are thinking of producing one that is suitable for a teenager. In this area, the bedroom also functions as a study.

The unicorn ambience appears on the bedroom wallpaper. The wallpaper seems to tell a story with a unicorn, butterflies and fairies. Given the minimalist look, the bedroom chooses the simple and multifunctional furniture

The idea later makes the bedroom spacious in terms of the dual functions.

Fantastic unicorn bedroom

Source: majalah.amt-edd-stm.de

This bedroom certainly hopes to keep toddlers happy and joyful by just staying here. Sometimes you don’t have to play outside as you can invite your friends to play with the dolls in the bedroom.

Undeniably, this bedroom looks amazing with lots of dolls. The unicorn sound comes from the unicorn’s head that appears on the bedroom wall. The fairy blanket hangs on the bed frame over the bedroom. Such a cute one!

Quiet unicorn bedroom

Source: ecoamazonico.org

Once again the head puppet of the unicorn becomes the main bringer of the unicorn. In this bedroom, the unicorn’s head is the only unicorn sound. However, the bedroom chooses a soft shade of brown that is closely related to the unicorn color.

So you can see that the pillows and wallpaper contain the shade of brown in dots. The strong whitish hue makes this bedroom a quiet and sunny bedroom. Don’t forget to fill the bedroom with cute dolls and toys.

You can also choose colorful or patterned motifs for wallpapers, bedspreads and pillowcases.

Soft unicorn bedroom

Source: decoratorist.com

The particularly mild pink and white make the bedroom soft. This is a good introduction to healthy, quality sleep for toddlers. The unicorn tone appears in the frame at the top of the shelf.

The unicorn is held in a pink and soft shade of green. This applies to the entire bedroom look. Little things fill the bedroom, from the layered boxes to the rainbow accessories. Enthusiastic and lively, the bedroom can still create a calm feeling of calm.

So these are our unicorn bedroom ideas for you. Do you have yours that you would like to share with us?


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