Hide Your TV Trendy Panels and Doors Ideas

Most designer solutions for TVs can be divided into two categories: hide or, on the contrary, highlight. If you like the hide-and-seek trend, you’re welcome to our roundup! Panels and doors are great for hiding your TV. The main benefit is that you get beautiful decor and dramatic textures when you’re not using the TV. You can either put these panels or doors in the limelight or not draw attention to them. The doors or panels can simply open or even collapse if it is more convenient for you. Check out the ideas below and choose the one that suits your interior!

Hiding your TV: 29 trendy ideas for panels and doors 2 |  Новоселье.
Hide Your TV: 29 Trendy Panels and Doors Ideas |  DigsDigs.
Hide Your TV Trendy Door and Panels Ideas |  enigmatic ra

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