Metal kitchen backsplashes

Metal kitchen backsplashes

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen? If you’ve been following us lately, you already know that metal splashbacks are all the rage. Such backsplashes are very functional, easy to maintain and look cool – they add a glossy or textured feel to the kitchen. You can try using polished metal backsplashes to make a bold and stylish statement, or go for a timeless metal tile solution, or even use brushed and galvanized metal for a textured and unusual look. Today I want to share with you some cool examples of all these backsplashes for you to choose from.

Polished metal backsplashes

Polished metal guarantees a chic and bold look in your kitchen, creating a cool and glamorous feel. It can be stainless steel, copper, brass, gold, silver or any shade of metal. The backsplash can take up an entire wall or be very narrow – such features will beautify the room, making it bolder and more interesting. Pay special attention to very narrow backsplashes, they look very edgy. You can also opt for a regular polished metal backsplash. Such a piece will add style to any kitchen, from Victorian to minimalist, and metallic hues will complement any kitchen cabinet color, from white to dark green.

Metal Tile Backsplashes

Metal tiles are welcome to create a cool backsplash! Silver, brass, copper, small and narrow rectangular, penny or more flashy, in some bold and creative shapes. Don’t just make a bold backsplash in the cooking areas, highlight your home bar or other zone with metal tiles – it’s always a great solution that never goes out of style. Such metal tiles suit many rooms: rustic, glamorous, art deco, modern and so on. They can also be hammered to add a Moroccan feel or boho touch to your kitchen.

Galvanized metal backsplashes

Galvanized and brushed metal backsplashes are a creative and unusual solution that instantly adds texture to the space. Such a backsplash is ideal for a rustic space or can be used to create a bold contrast in minimalist, glamor and other spaces. You won’t see a backsplash like this everywhere. So making one will make your kitchen stand out and it’s really budget friendly.