Rustic mountain home

This charming mountain retreat has many familiar elements in its design, but at the same time stands out and brings all sorts of new details to the table. The structure is located in the Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado. It was designed by Studio Center Sky Architecture and takes full advantage of its surroundings.

In fact, the entire design is directly inspired by the vegetation, the mountains and everything else that surrounds the house. The architects chose a range of simple materials throughout the project, mainly focusing on wood, glass, stone and steel. With these they managed to create a rustic decor with modern details and give the house a lot of character. Large windows and glass walls connect the living area with the outdoors, creating an airy decor. There are also a variety of outdoor areas on the premises that interact seamlessly with the indoor areas.

The interior areas are spread over three floors, including a basement room. The entryway sets the tone for a very open and airy interior that defines the rest of the spaces. There is an open floor plan that includes the living room, dining area and kitchen, a setup that is very common in most contemporary and contemporary homes. The rustic living room is a super cozy space with a large fireplace surrounded by stone. Need more pictures of this beautiful mountain home? Scroll down to see all!

modern-rustic mountain house |  Residential gawk
modern-rustic mountain house |  Residential gawk
Rustic Mountain Home With Amazing Views - DigsDi

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