bring personality into the room

Every room needs a dose of personality because without it your room will look plain, boring and too simple. There are many ways to personalize a space, from handcrafted furniture and artwork to various items or entire collections on display. Today’s roundup is dedicated to the coolest ways to add personality to your home and I’m sure you’ll find something here.

Mark your hobbies

The easiest and most obvious way to add personality to your space is to highlight your hobbies and interests. If you are interested in music and you have guitars, for example, you can hang them to make the room more personal. Are you a bookworm? Cover the whole wall with bookshelves or multiple walls to make it colorful and interesting. If you are a passionate collector, you can integrate your collection into the interior to make it special. Baskets, macrame hangings, various figurines and figurines are great accents for any room.

Play with patterns

Add patterns and prints to your space to make it more interesting. If it’s a bathroom or kitchen, you can add prints and patterns with bold tiles – on a backsplash, floor, walls or anywhere you like. In the bathroom, you can clad one wall with bold and patterned tiles to add an accent. Choose wallpaper with 3D effect, murals and more to make your space really interesting. Actually, any type of accent wall would do. You can apply this idea to any room, from the dining room to the children’s room, and try different patterns and colors to see what you like!

Rock A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are very popular now. This is a great way to add personality, interest and a cool feel to the room. These are mostly family photo gallery walls – what can be more personal than that? You can also add signs, artwork, pictures, handmade art and even mirrors to make the gallery wall extra special. Gallery walls are suitable for every room: dining rooms, living rooms, children’s rooms and bedrooms, entryways and even kitchens. You can arrange them with matching or mismatched frames, attach pieces to the wall in a variety of ways – regular or irregular – or simply place them on ledges to change up the artwork and change their place on the ledges.

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