Toilet sink combos

Toilet sink combos

Today, many of us live in small apartments and face the problem of lack of space. Tiny kitchens, tiny bedrooms, tiny kids rooms and tiny bathrooms are a reality and we should find more and more cool solutions to accommodate everything we need and still get a stylish space. Today I want to share one of those ideas, especially for small bathrooms.

Toilet and sink combos are a great modern idea that can save you a lot of space without sacrificing style. Such a unit is great for a tiny bathroom, whether it’s a mansion or just a pool house. Many modern brands make such units to help those who want to save some space so they can find a suitable piece.

Most of these units are white or off-white so as not to visually steal the space, which itself is tiny. But don’t think it’s boring, you can find cool and eye-catching combos! There are angled and curved options that attract attention with their sculptural shapes. You can also find wood or panel combinations if you prefer.

To save even more space, choose a unit that combines a sink, toilet and storage space like a drawer or just a compartment to store all those little things and necessities that you need – so functional and practical! If there is a countertop that is also a great idea and it can be a contrasting color or contrast to add more style to your bathroom.

Such sinks and toilets are ideal for any tiny bathroom space. Check out the ideas and choose something for your small bathroom. I am sure you will find an option.

By the way, you might be interested in further optimizing the free space of your bathroom. A combination of mini-bath and shower is also a very interesting solution.