Bedding ideas girls bedroom

We have already shared some bedding ideas for boys room and now I want to continue the topic for those who have daughters and share some girls bedding sets. Get ready to swoon, they are adorable! And if you don’t already have a daughter, you’ll want one to buy her these sheets!

Pastel bedding for girls room

Rocking pastel colors is one of the favorite ideas for every girl – both adults and little kids. Sweet and soft colors are the best to show off your femininity and help you fall asleep. Mix several pastel colors or choose white linens with cute pastel accents – it will look amazing anytime. Pastel colors are in the foreground this year: rose quartz and serenity are the colors of the year. So make sure they are trending.

Blush and Pink Bedding Sets

I think this bedding should be put in a separate category like pink and all its colors are very popular in girls rooms and of course bedding. This color is here to create a princess room, especially if you opt for tufted, ruffled, or textured rose-pink bedding.

Bold bedding sets for girls rooms

Bold and colorful bedding for girls is even more popular than for boys. All kinds of prints and patterns, from polka dots and stripes to pineapples and raindrops of all colors and shades will make you dizzy! You can find almost any print or color to match the theme and style of your nursery decor. Mix and match different prints like polka dots and hearts or stripes for a cooler look. Foxes, trees, fruits, ice cream, flowers – there are prints for every season and time. Remember that colors or patterns that are too bright can prevent your child from getting a good night’s sleep.

Geek Girls Bedding

Geek bedding is more popular with boys but there are also some very cute sets for girls like Little Mermaid or Hello Kitty.

Neutral colored bedding for girls room

Neutral bedding is always on trend and complements any room decor, especially if it has a unique bed or super bold interior, it can add a calming touch. Some very light and diluted shades will help your daughter fall asleep faster. If you think it’s too boring, just add pastel or colorful throw pillows or a quilt.

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