Striking textured accent walls

Creating an accent wall is a hot decor trend and a cool way to accent your room. Such an accent is usually made with a contrasting color or wallpaper with a different pattern, but there is an original idea – do it with textures! Of course there are many textured wallpapers and a variety of plastic and wooden panels from different designers, but you can also use natural stone, brick and wood of any kind – old doors, windows or just boards – they look fantastic and natural. This is a great way to upgrade old materials and make a very stylish statement in any of your rooms.

Walls with wood accents

Wood is the most popular material for statement walls, and the number of options is endless: you can go for a weathered and aged wood plank wall, a smooth wood panel wall in a specific color, a ship wall in a rich hue, a wood panel and even weathered Driftwood panel wall to add lots of texture to the room. If you prefer a catchy and bold look, try wood clapboards in a neural stain and a fabulous look is guaranteed.

Stone and cast stone accent walls

Stone is another popular idea for adding texture to your space. It can be a faux that is easier to install or a natural one that gives the space a real natural feel but is more difficult to apply. If you want to spoil yourself, you can add an onyx accent wall to your living room or a marble wall to the shower room – this is pure luxury that never goes out of style!

fabric accent walls

A fabric accent wall will make your room cozier and softer – especially cool for bedrooms. You can upholster the wall with leather, velvet or any other fabric, accent it with decorative nails, use catchy strips of fabric with lights or other looks that suit your room.

Other accent walls

What other ideas can you try? Aged metal, paper, 3D panels of different colors, concrete, panels and even empty frames and ceiling medallions on the wall can add texture. Be inspired by the following examples!