Cool Orange Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing your bathroom in orange is not as difficult as designing in red, but it could also be a challenge. You should remember that you should not combine more than two colors with orange. You should keep the orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to combine simple orange with plain white. You can paint the walls and ceiling in your bathroom white, but buy some orange furniture, an orange carpet, an orange shower curtain and other decor in this color. This is probably the easiest way, but there are a few others. That’s why we’ve rounded up these cool bathrooms for you. You can find some ideas among them. Check out these ideas to add orange to your bathroom decor in a stylish way.

Lots of orange in the bathroom decor

Orange is a super energetic color that creates excitement and elevates mood. If you use a lot of orange in your bathroom, you can wake up every morning and fill yourself with warmth and coziness in the evening, as this is a very warm color, whether you choose a lighter or brighter orange or even elegant shades of rust. You can opt for an all-orange room refreshed with neutral or white colors. This will surely improve your mood. You can also use just orange walls or a single statement wall with wallpaper, paint or tile and accent them with contrasting grout.

Orange accents in bathroom decor

If you prefer pops of color and don’t want a lot of orange in the bathroom, just add a few highlights. An orange tile floor, orange tile shower room, artwork, chandeliers, and some furniture can be a beautiful and simple way to add light. If you want it to be even simpler, pick up some orange textiles – towels, curtains, rugs or bring in an orange piece of furniture – a pouf or ottoman and voila!

31 Cool Orange Bathroom Design Ideas |  DigsDigs |  Orange bathroom.
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31 Cool Orange Bathroom Design Ideas |  DigsDigs |  Orange bathroom.

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