stone bathtubs

Stone is a timeless material that never goes out of style and wherever you use it, it’s always cool, functional, practical, catchy and durable. Stone tile and stone itself can be used to clad the walls, floors, ceilings and ceilings of bathrooms. However, a stone bathtub is what makes a bold statement in your space. Let’s take a look at some ideas and maybe you’ll be inspired to get one too.

shapes and appearance

Stone bathtubs often come in round and oval shapes, but there are also squares and rectangles. They are perfect for industrial, minimalist and ultra-modern spaces. If you’re an eye-catcher, opt for a bold stone carved one-piece bathtub. Such a bathtub usually has uneven edges, a catchy irregular shape and lines that make a bold statement in your space. As far as color tones go, we’re used to seeing dark stone bathtubs, but neutral and soft bathtubs are gaining popularity as natural and neutral bathrooms are trending these days.

how to style

A stone bathtub suits any bathroom style, from minimalist to rustic. All you have to do is choose the right shape and shade and style them right. Minimalist and atmospheric modern spaces will welcome dark rectangular stone tubs. The spa and tropical bathrooms look great with dark and neutral stone bathtubs. Rustic bathrooms and cubicles can be accented with roughly carved stone bathtubs. Add side tables, stools and various accessories that match the style of the bathroom.

Stone Bathtubs - Marble, Granite & Travertine - Stone Front
Stone bathtubs, stone toilets and stone fittings |  stone bathtub.
Stone Bathtubs - Marble, Granite & Travertine - Stone Front

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