Practical design ideas for attic bathrooms

Practical design ideas for attic bathrooms

Attics are considered difficult to decorate due to the different shaped roofs. But the challenge is accepted! Let’s look at some examples of attic bathroom decor that doesn’t take up more than every inch of space and looks very stylish and elegant. The main secret is to place your bathtub, shower stall or storage under the lowest part of the roof, because you don’t need any height to relax in the bathtub or to store the towels and other bathroom accessories. All other parts can be placed in the rest of the room as you wish and convenient for you. Below are some ideas on how best to do this, enjoy and get inspired!

colors and materials

Lofts are usually small and sometimes without light. This means that neutral colors are best for making them look taller and more comfortable. You can add color with a statement tile wall in blue, teal, gray, yellow, or any color you like, or play up drama with black and chocolate brown accents. Bring texture with brick or faux brick, add interest to the space with different types of tiles, warm the space with wood. Keep your towels and other things in the basket – they add a homey feeling.


The furniture fully corresponds to the decoration style you have chosen, modern for modern rooms, vintage and shabby chic for vintage-inspired. You can easily make your own pieces out of old stuff, or just skip the vanity and install a freestanding or wall-mounted sink. Add a side table or stool if you have a bathtub and are thinking about storage – some shelves, boxes, baskets are a good idea.

decor and accessories

Even if your attic is small, don’t leave out accessories and decor to make it cooler. Create a cozy feeling with some accessories and decorations: artworks, carpets, curtains, shutters, towels and other things. If there is enough space and light, add potted plants and flowers to refresh the space.

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