Original winter table decoration ideas

I think the best time of the year is winter because everything is covered in snow and looks like an enchanting snowy fairy tale. Each snowflake has its own pattern. The snow hills sparkle in the sun. It’s time for some of our favorite sports like skiing or snowboarding. Winter is coming soon, maybe next month in some places, so winter table decoration topic is urgent. Winter table is a romantic and charming thing and of course white and silver are the hottest colors for table decorations. Create a winter centerpiece with white flowers and candles and add decorative snowflakes. Use pine cones and Christmas motifs for decoration; Put some fir decorations on the table and tie a silver bow on the napkin. Twigs and pine cones covered in white spray paint are ideal – they look like frost dew. The main decoration of the table will be white food – delicious snowy cupcakes and cakes, and the coconut covered food – amazing snowy fairy tale of taste!

colors and prints

Choose a color scheme for your winter table, there are countless ideas: white and silver, burgundy, red and white, gold and white, white and copper and even monochrome black and white with a touch of green. Bring prints to make the tablescape cooler – stripes and plaids are the best ideas for winter. Add metallic accents to make your tablescape shine: metallic ornaments, glasses, chargers, bells and elegant metal cutlery.

Natural decor

Natural touches are a must to add a modern and stylish feel to your winter table. It can be an evergreen table runner with pine cones, some ferns for each place setting, branches with pine cones, some white flowers, pine cones as card holders, pomegranates, privet berries and many other things. You can make cool table runners, centerpieces, place settings, etc. Use your imagination to incorporate natural elements into your table setting in the most elegant and harmonious way.

Different decor

Incorporate Christmas decorations, tall and thin candles or pillar candles, lights, nuts, acorns, snowflakes and other things. Make your own cool centerpieces and table runners that scream holiday for you, just be inspired by our range. Create a tablescape that will add a cozy and homey vibe to your table, making it the best for a winter party.