Kitchen and bathroom trend flowing faucets

Sinuous shapes with sweeping curves characterize these modern faucets. Inspired by the elegant shape of a swan, the Brizo Vuelo faucet has a curved profile. It is available in the new matte white polished chrome finishes and offers numerous additional configurations including the pull out high rise design. Inspired by the movement of water, British faucet manufacturer Triflow collaborated with renowned architect Zaha Hadid to develop a seamless, curvilinear faucet. The faucet uses Triflow’s three-way technology, which allows for filtered drinking in addition to regular hot and cold water flow. Designed for flowing water and Japanese calligraphy, the Ametis Faucet by Davide Oppizzi for GRAFF creates a faucet with a gentle twist. Need more cool fauctes? Look below!

Kitchen and bathroom trend: 31 flowing faucets |  Faucet design, 3d.
Kitchen and bathroom trend: 31 flowing faucets |  kitchen faucets.
3 rings |  Flowing taps: trend for kitchen and bathroom - 3rin

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