Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Ideas for kitchen curtains

KITCHEN CURTAIN IDEAS – The kitchen must have a window for good ventilation. Natural light can enter a kitchen or be reflected on a kitchen counter or sink. This helps you to switch the lights on only at night and therefore costs less energy.

For some, they cover the kitchen window with a curtain. Aside from aesthetic aspects, a kitchen curtain can protect you from excessive sun exposure. A kitchen curtain can help protect what is going on in the kitchen from passers-by if you want privacy.

Nice kitchen curtain

Nice kitchen curtain

The curtain draws a lot of attention in this example. Within this center, every aspect is carefully worked out. The kitchen chooses a window pane that is covered by the thick and beautiful curtain.

The curtain even gets a special “roof”, another nice thing. The curtain is wrapped in gray with black dots. The curtain can be pulled in different directions as you like.

In the picture, the curtain is placed in the middle so that you can look outside and reflect natural light into the kitchen.

Warm kitchen curtain


Maybe you are looking for a kitchen curtain that can be pulled up and down. This picture shows a good example of how this curtain can be used. The curtain probably used pieces of wood cut into thin pieces.

The curtain fits best in this middle kitchen window. Simply pull the curtain up and down as needed. Given the wood, the curtain looks warm and comfortable.

In the kitchen, the curtain is usually clad in white in a gentle variation. The kitchen doesn’t seem to choose a motif curtain because it chooses the blue motif back wall.

Aesthetic kitchen curtain


Our third idea has a cool tip. You can choose a kitchen curtain according to the theme color of your kitchen. This kitchen chooses brown and white as the curtain color to match the theme colors of the kitchen.

The kitchen chooses the motif curtain so that there is no boredom. The tasteful design clearly comes out of the curtain. Leaves, twigs and flowers seem to color the kitchen curtain. We get a high aesthetic value from the curtain.

In the neutral kitchen, the curtain offers elegant variations that can always entertain while cooking or washing dirty plates.

Sunny kitchen curtain


The classic kitchen does indeed contain permanent aspects of interior design that attract us. This time we are going to talk about the kitchen curtain in this picture. White and yellow will be the theme colors for the kitchen curtain.

White itself becomes the motif color for the kitchen. Brown actually comes second, but the kitchen chooses yellow instead. As you can see, the curtain looks bright and clear. What interests us is the arrangement of the curtain.

In such a quarter setup, the curtain completely copies a classic curtain arrangement, as it usually does.

See-through kitchen curtain


A well-known kitchen curtain in a minimalist kitchen. This kitchen hangs a see-through curtain that allows natural light and a view of the surrounding area. This corresponds to the minimalist kitchen idea itself.

The curtain consists of the transparent cloths that fall down from the top. You can drag the curtain to the right, left or merge it in the middle of the window. The curtain is clad in gray, which allows for maximum reflection.

With the selection, light can enter the kitchen even with the curtain completely closed, as this picture shows.

Peaceful kitchen curtain


We are more interested in the curtain layout. Similar to the fourth idea, the curtain is so nicely arranged. The curtain becomes a decoration for this neutral and simple kitchen.

The curtain covers almost half of the window. We believe the curtain can be pulled down to cover all parts of the window. The curtain is clad in gray and is the same color as the theme color of the kitchen.

The motif curtain and the kitchen hood become variations for the gray kitchen.

Clever kitchen curtain


The seventh idea shares a general concept with the second. Both use wood as the main material for the curtain. This point decides for the modern use of curtains. We believe most of you have seen this model of curtain, which is mainly used in offices.

We call this a smart curtain because of this use. You can pull it up and down through the puller that hangs on the right side of the window. With the puller you can adjust the curtain movement.

This means that the curtain can still let weak rays into the kitchen if you don’t close it completely.

Creative kitchen curtain


A geometric kitchen curtain offers a unique style for your kitchen. This example shows that a broad concept can turn the spot into a cool one. In a soft kitchen like this one, the curtain offers an independent variation.

The curtain is varied in its geometric selection and can cover all parts of the single large window. Simply pull the curtain up and down to operate the curtain. Although mostly dressed in black, the curtain fits into the kitchen, which is usually wrapped in a delicate blue.

Old fashioned kitchen curtain


The classic kitchen curtain offers you a simple and traditional style or arrangement. This is in contrast to the fourth and sixth ideas, all of which are inspired by the classic arrangement of the kitchen curtains.

In this old kitchen we admire how the kitchen keeps the curtain traditional and cozy. The large window contains the blue and white curtain that hangs like this. The curtain thus covers half a part of the window.

We believe most of us have seen the familiar curtain material and placement before. The curtain style is mainly used in traditional homes.

Cool kitchen curtain


Our last proposal differs in a few ways from the previous examples. We limit our focus to the choice and placement of the curtain colors. Contrary to the ideas above, the kitchen chooses a black and white curtain that doesn’t match the theme color of the kitchen.

As can be seen here, the kitchen chooses blue and brown as motif colors. Second, the curtains are divided into two sides. This is another well-known choice for such a window pane.

Simply move the curtain to the right or center, depending on how much natural light and visibility you want.


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