Pallet racks and racks

Pallet racks and racks

We keep sharing some ideas on what to do with your old pallets, and today’s round-up is devoted to storage units – standing and wall shelves and shelving for any space. To build shelves, you must first strip down your pallets and then use this wood to make shelves. Pallet shelves add a rustic feel to any room and can be used anywhere – even if your space isn’t rustic, most decorating styles include a rustic piece. Let’s look at some ideas.

wall shelves

Shed your pallets for wood and build a piece that suits your space! It can be a bathroom shelf with a towel, toilet paper storage and some space for potted greens, or it can be a piece of art (decor is great for small spaces too!). It can be a practical space shelf for your kitchen or a multi-tier wine rack for bottles and even a holder for glasses and other things. Make a convenient entryway shelf for storing caps, hats, and hooks for clothes and bags. If you have a child, make some nursery bookshelves and paint them in a light shade. Color and paint the shelves however you like to make them perfect for your room.

other shelves

If you have enough space for a shelf, make an ordinary piece of pallet wood – for a bathroom, entryway, kitchen, dining area or any other space. If you don’t just want to open up the storage, put together some baskets or boxes that go with Voila. and again – the staining and varnishing of the storage units is entirely up to you.

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