Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Ideas

Al fresco dining is fantastic as it is not just about the food itself but also blending in with nature and enjoying the fresh air and sun. Thanksgiving Dinner Alfresco – What Can Be Better? If the climate and weather allow you – that’s the best idea I think. The trees, bushes and grass can serve as decorations and then add pumpkins, candles in glass candlesticks and some other decorations depending on the style you choose. For a rustic style, add veggies, fruit, leaves, and slices of wood. For a glamorous style, choose gilded gourds and candle holders. Checkered blankets and fur pillows make every table setting cozier and the food warmer.


First, choose a color scheme for your Thanksgiving table. There are countless ideas that you can try. First of all, you can choose a traditional color scheme of orange, brown, beige and gray. Second, you can try something neutral like off-white, gray, beige, brown, brown, and creamy. Third, you can opt for a bold purple, burgundy, orange, rust, or red tablescape. And of course, non-traditional color schemes are welcome—blue, green, metallic, and even black and white.


Cover the table with a tablecloth or table runner – it can be plaid in the colors of your scheme, neutral and burlap, lace for a vintage tablescape, or bold in your chosen colors. The napkins should be somehow coordinated, they can be made of the same fabric or at least come in matching colors and patterns.

flowers and greenery

Flowers and greens add a fresh and modern look to your tablescape, and there are many ways to incorporate them – a green table runner, a bright floral centerpiece, a green centerpiece, and many other decorations. You can also choose a fall leaf arrangement as a centerpiece.


Now sticking to the decor itself, the first thing you should do is give the table a real fall and thanksgiving feel, and only pumpkins can do that. Imitation pumpkins give the table a vintage flair, natural ones give the table a modern touch. Use moss, antlers, pine cones, fruit and veg as natural decorations – table runners or centerpieces or both. Finish the table with cool plates, copper mugs, colored glasses and other things that match your tablescape.