Modern semi-automatic faucet with touch sensor and LED light

USO is a new semi-automatic faucet from KWC. It’s the perfect solution for any kitchen or bathroom. The faucet has a modern look and is made entirely of stainless star. The faucet also features a minimum contact sensor that responds to a quick touch of the sprout and uses color coding to indicate the water temperature. You can tap once for cold (blue), twice for warm (orange), or three times for hot (red) water. The water will turn off automatically after 10 seconds. If you want to stop the water before then, just tap the spout again. The faucet also has a cleaning mode. You have to touch the spout for 5 seconds to activate it for 45 seconds – without water flowing. To stop cleaning early, touch again for 5 seconds.

Sensor faucet by Miscea - touch free faucet
Gangang Led Automatic Touchless Sensor Waterfall Sink Hot.
Touch faucet with led light

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