Eastern Luxury Inspiring Moroccan Bathrooms

We keep telling you about luxurious Moroccan-style interiors. This time we are going to talk about Moroccan bathrooms that will remind you of a spa and a wonderful relaxing experience. How can you get that impression? Start with tiles with typical Eastern patterns or concrete walls and a bathtub. Columns, rugs, mosaic and ceramic sinks, and imaginative candle lanterns. The colors in a bathroom should not necessarily be too bright, like red or blue. You can choose between white, light grey, blue or green. But if you want dramatic chic, go for blue with gold and black. Add wooden furniture, curtains and voila, you have a charming Moroccan bathroom!

Neutral/monochromatic Moroccan bathrooms

Neutrals aren’t typical of Moroccan spaces, but if you love muted or neutral colors, keep up the good work! Then how to pull through Moroccan style? Use Moroccan-inspired tiles – with country-specific shapes and patterns add catchy lanterns, potted greens, metal sinks and metal jugs as accessories. Opt for tassel rugs, also on the wall, for a carved vanity and mirror in beautiful ornate frames. If you don’t have a beautiful carved wood vanity top, don’t worry, you can tile an ordinary one and it will look Moroccan.

Colorful Moroccan bathrooms

If you love bold colors, go wild with your Moroccan bathroom! Incorporate turquoise, orange, green, purple, fuchsia and many other colors into your bathroom decor. Play with tiles or cover the walls with plaster and make a tiled or concrete bathtub. Create arched doorways and alcoves for candles and candle lanterns, hang some Moroccan lanterns and set them on the floor, resort to stone sinks, ornate mirrors and beautiful hammered or painted sinks. Don’t forget the potted greens and other plants to create an ambience.

Eastern Luxury: 48 Inspiring Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas.
Inspirational Moroccan Bathrooms |  Moroccan bathroom, minimalist.
Eastern Luxury: 48 Inspiring Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas.

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