Fall table decoration ideas

Autumn is almost here and we can already feel its breath. We’re gearing up for fall parties, Thanksgiving, and cozy family gatherings outside and inside your home. A cozy table decoration is the first thing you need here and I have prepared a whole bunch of ideas.


Table decorations in autumn are often moody, cozy and very inviting. Use warm autumn colors: ocher, chocolate brown, all shades of green, black, white, cream, yellow and burgundy. Check out elegant combinations like cognac or chocolate brown and blue or green and gold. You can also create a comfortable tablescape in natural white and ivory adding vintage silver or gold tones. Brown is a very popular color for fall, so you can rock it in different combinations with white, ivory and shades of green. It looks rustic and comfortable.

Table decoration and table runner

Fall centerpieces can easily be made from wheat using a burlap bow or wheat placed in a vintage vase or cauldron. Pumpkins are perfect centerpieces, you can use them as centerpieces or table runners. Place your pumpkins on a wooden tray, bowl, bucket or wooden box, take several lanterns and place them on a stand. You can also place a fabric table runner and put some large pumpkins on it as a table runner. Pumpkins pair well with large pine cones, greenery, wheat, and other fall items. A cornutopia is a traditional centerpiece that looks amazing. Fill it with leaves, squash, and other veggies.


If you want to add a rustic feel, burlap tablecloths and table runners can be made from plaid fabric. An elegant white tablecloth with or without is suitable for every case and occasion. For napkins and placemats, choose some cool patterned napkins or even make them green, brown, plaid or burgundy. Make a statement with bold napkins.

placemats and chargers

Autumn is a very creative season where all the gifts of nature can be used for decoration. You can make wooden disc stands and placemats, woven chargers for a rustic look. Gold chargers complement elegant tablescapes and rattan chargers complement almost any table setting, from modern to traditional.

Other decorating ideas

Candles are great for fall table decorations. They make your table cozy and even give it some warmth. Candlesticks in different styles will underline your style: vintage, shabby chic, rustic, modern or other. Fall leaves are an essential part of any fall table setting. Buy artificial leaves or take away real leaves from the outside. Fruits and veggies can often be used in fall table decor: place them here and there on a table runner, place them on any plate, and you can even turn them into card holders. This gives your tablescape a simple and natural look.

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