Notebook inspired furniture

It’s back to school and school inspired items have never been so popular! Today we share a line of mini furniture inspired by notebooks – it looks cool and playful.

Malmö-based design studio Swedish Ninja recently launched two products that combine metal bases and cork with colorful spots to liven up your interior. First and foremost it is the notebook sleeve, which allows you to store your belongings inside and to highlight photos, inspiration or clippings like a notebook on the outside. The doors are covered with handy cork, but not just any old cork. This cork has confetti-like pops of color that give it a fun, playful look. Attach some notes and photos to the doors to enhance the closet.

The oval notebook bench has a similar metal base finished with a piece of colour-speckled cork for moments of reflection or simply as a light-hearted piece of furniture for your collection. Such furniture will suit both children’s and adult rooms and will make the start of school more fun.

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