Saturn pendant lamp

Looking for a futuristic rocking lamp? Here’s an amazing one! Inspired by the unique connection between light and time, Saturn is a pendant light that both illuminates your space and provides a way to tell time, similar to how we use the sun.

At first glance, the Saturn lamp might seem like another elegant sculptural light fixture, but a closer look reveals an interesting clock. The arches represent the arms of a clock seen from the front or back. The two vertical rings in the center of the light remain stationery and indicate the 12, 3, 6, and 9 marks. There are four stepper motors in each rotary arm.

Once you get used to this amazing watch, finding out the time will be easy and its futuristic lines are amazing and instantly catchy. Such a stunning pendant light will make a bold statement in any room and is quite functional. Get a futuristic feel for your room and create a strong wow factor!

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