Home Decoration Tips That Work Best

Paint the walls at the end: Most people paint the walls of their home before moving. It’s not as practical as you think. In fact, there are countless wall colors, and each color has many light and dark tones. You like a color based on what you saw in your old home, but there may not be the same appeal in the new home. The reason is that the impact of life is different, the upholstery and artwork in the room reflect different shades of color. You first set the room and then visualize different colors.

Give your furniture room to breathe: Filling the room with many pieces of furniture is not only the right idea to elegantly decorate the room. Keep a good distance between the pieces of furniture and allow enough freedom of movement. This is soothing to the eyes.

Display the artwork at the correct height: Human visual plane is 57 to 60 inches off the ground and is the right place where your artwork needs to be displayed. The higher ceiling of a room shouldn’t make you want to hang the tapestries higher. Wall decor should relate to eye level and not the structural scale of the room.

Place the furniture correctly on the carpet: Your room can look wider or cozier if you place the furniture on the carpet in a certain way. For small spaces, leave the rug in the center and place only the front legs of all seating on the rug. In a larger room, you can put the furniture entirely on the carpet.

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