Glass-enclosed rooms

Today, open layouts are taking over the world of design and architecture because they use every inch of space and fill it with natural light from the windows. But sometimes privacy is a must, it really is necessary. How can you achieve it without sacrificing the rest? For such cases there is a good idea: rooms with glass walls! This is a new option that will be a trend and is very convenient: you still have enough light, the room does not look bulky, and at the same time you get a unique design feature. If privacy is not enough, take frosted glass or use curtains in the room. Need some examples? Let’s take a look.


The most popular idea is to build a glass-enclosed bedroom as it is a great way to make that private space more cozy in an open space. No room dividers are needed – make framed or slim glass walls and the bedroom and the rest of the room will be filled with light. You can also emphasize this space in other ways, e.g. BB only wood in a glass cube or with geometric details.


Even an open layout needs some private spaces, and a bathroom is one of them. If you are a daring person, go for a glass cube bathroom – no partitions or anything like that. Such an idea is great for a personal walk-in closet that you can shower into. You will see that bathrooms are more commonly made with curtains or frosted glass – this type of glass doesn’t let in much light but is super private and looks stylish – different types of glass are very trendy in decorating.

main offices

Most households have a home office, and in an open layout it’s usually a corner somewhere. Make it stand out with glass walls – framed or better yet, plain, to make you feel more professional and like you’re in the best offices of the coolest companies on Wall Street. You can even set up a meeting room like this if your office is in your home and don’t forget to make it stand out in some way – with lights, geographic details, chic furniture and more.

Other ideas

Closets and wine cellars include rooms with glass walls – the first should be private enough to undress and dress, the second is separate to keep a certain temperature inside. And glass cabinets and wine cellars always look very special. So get inspired to make some of these.

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