Modern patio and outdoor dining space design ideas

A patio is a wonderful place to gather your wits, read a book and eat outside – if you’re lucky enough to have one it’s amazing, especially now that we’re all staying at home. Today, designers realize different ideas – from vintage and shabby chic to minimalist. A modern terrace can look different. You can arrange them however you like to create a cohesive indoor/outdoor space. Would you like to see some ideas? Let’s take a look!

color schemes and textures

Modern style can be emphasized with touches of Mediterranean, boho, coast and many other styles that you like. Modern patios and decks usually have neutral colors like tan, beige, gray, creamy and others or monochrome like black and white or gray and white. You can actually add some pops of color here – fuchsia, blue, pink, purple or yellow – they all look great with the greens that will be out there. Accent your decor with textures – use concrete, wood, wicker, metal, various textiles and other materials to make your space stand out.

furniture and decor

You can opt for different furniture that suits the modern style: wrought wicker furniture or more traditional items. The decor is highlighted with the help of beautiful details and accessories – cushions, candles, outdoor lanterns, baskets, planters with your favorite flowers, trees, succulents and different types of greenery to create an ambiance and many others. Here are some ideas for cozy and chic outdoor spaces – time to relax outdoors as long as it’s not too cold!

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40 coolest modern patio and outdoor dining area design ideas.
40 coolest modern patio and outdoor dining area design ideas.

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