Minimalist outdoor shower

In the middle of summer it’s natural to swim in the pools and shower outside. If you need one or want to spice up your outdoor shower to make it look brighter, we have an idea for you. This shower will exceed all expectations!

German design studio Tarantik & Egger’s minimalist seamless shower consists of a series of tubes connected by hidden, patented tube connectors. Connecting directly to a garden hose, the simple freestanding design is made from multiple steel profiles but appears like a single tube that wraps around the base to form a sturdy stand. The hidden shower head creates a beautiful single drop stream that feels like summer rain. Two bold colors are available – yellow and pink for a playful touch and classic black for more minimalist spaces.

In addition, the shower, designed for use in the garden or poolside, is freestanding and can be installed on grass as well as a stone patio, tile or sand without the need for additional fittings.

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