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Bathroom Tray Ideas

Bathroom Tray Ideas

Bathroom tray ideas

BATHROOM TRAY IDEAS – Sometimes you need more than body soap to bathe or shower. You will need a lot of oils or lotions, especially for a spa experience at home. They need to be applied within a certain tiny gap.

Make bathing or showering easier by setting up a bathroom tray. Put all the utensils you need for bathing in the tray next to the tub. We have 10 models of bathroom trays that will make you more motivated to take care of yourself.

Casual bathroom tray

Casual bathroom tray
Source: eofurniture.com

We believe most of you have seen the bathroom tray at least once. The bathroom chooses a casual wooden bathroom tray. The material is then polished until it becomes smooth and light.

The bathroom sample contains body soaps. The picture shows that the bathroom tray is quite a long way from the bathtub. Of course, you can simply move the bath tray closer to the bathtub if necessary.

The bathroom tray seems to be widely used in stores. You can get the bathroom tray at an affordable price.

Classic bathroom tray

Classic bathroom tray
Source: oldhouseonline.com

The bathroom looks totally old fashioned. It packs the bathroom with vintage items including the bathroom tray. We often see us trying out the bathroom in old houses. The bathroom tray has a classic edge design.

It looks beautiful in silver mode. It contains decorative items that make the bathroom even more beautiful and vintage. The bathroom tray can be used to display lotions, towels and other items.

We believe the bathroom tray will hold the decoration as the bathroom does not show bathtubs in the picture.

Golden bathroom tray

Golden bathroom tray
Source: decoist.com

Of course not a golden bathroom tray in the strict sense. The bathroom tray uses the golden material to create the item classic. The item fits very well for the bathroom practicing modern and vintage styles.

The bathroom tray looks tiny and circular. It is placed on the classic table. We believe the bathroom tray will indicate the accessories. Of course, you can replace the contents with personal hygiene basics that are necessary to keep you clean and beautiful.

We really appreciate that the bathroom pays attention to the details.

Light bathroom tray

Light bathroom tray
Source: qnud.com

Simple and easy. This is the second most popular bathroom shelf today. The bathroom tray has a unique cover to prevent glasses or other materials from falling. The bath tray fits the overall theme of the bathroom.

We can say the bathroom looks relaxed with the chair and shaggy carpet to relax in. No wonder the bathroom tray shows the glass and water bottle instead.

So the bath tray is there to calm down in the bathroom. As in the previous examples, you can replace the beverage items with body lotions.

Clever bathroom tray

Clever bathroom tray
Source: homedit.com

Such a clever bathroom tray. The example equips itself with the light material that goes well with the bathtub. This allows the tray to be placed on the bathtub. You can move the bathroom tray at any time.

The bathroom has a wonderful design that can be used to display a book. The orange sponge and oil are also placed on the bathroom tray. The whole idea invites you to really relax while bathing.

You can use bath time as a qualified moment for me by reading your favorite novel.

Natural bathroom tray

Natural bathroom tray
Source: coachdecor.com

This one looks great for the nautical theme of the bathroom. The bathroom tray is made from seaweed that is later turned into a wealthy tray. The bathroom tray looks big and contains lots of personal care lotions and oils.

Most of them are even put in a reclaimed box and then put on the bathroom tray. We believe the bathroom tray helps organize the lotions and oils. You can add some makeup in the tray. If you flaunt them all, you’ll be able to dress up better.

Seductive bathroom tray

Seductive bathroom tray
Source: tollbrothers.com

Another wooden bathroom tray as a material. This time the bathroom tray appears to have been retouched with the design. The bath tray model looks seductive and stays natural.

The bathroom tray displays the personal care lotions, makeup and a mirror. The contents of the bathroom tray are more suitable for the countertop. The storage space in the shower area is too small to accommodate the bath tub.

Exceptional bathroom tray
Source: gestablishment.com

The strangest and most unique bathroom tray in the list of 10 bathroom tray ideas. The bathroom tray is shaped like a cute bathtub. That becomes a certain decoration in itself.

The ornament serves as a bathroom tray as we see body oil on the bathroom tray, among other things. The mini bath can be carried in the shower area.

Nice bathroom tray

Nice bathroom tray
Source: bocadolobo.com

Cute in black. The bathroom tray looks adorable with the size that goes well with the mid-century table. In addition, the bath tray looks unmistakable compared to the previous bath trays in black.

The picture shows the bathroom tray with the most important information about body treatment. It is placed on the table next to the bathtub. Just take one of the lotions or oils while you are taking a bath.

We believe the bathroom chooses the bathroom tray to match the black and white tone of the bathroom.

Simple bathroom tray

Simple bathroom tray
Source: YouTube by SunshineSprinkles

Our final recommendation shares the same concept with the clever bathroom shelf. This time the bathroom tray uses wood as the material. We think of the bathroom tray as a washboard.

The bathroom tray is placed on the bathtub. Your young children can easily move the bathroom tray along with the bathtub. There are, among other things, body soaps that are placed on the bathroom tray.

Surely the bathroom tray will help your children take care of their own bodies. You can teach them what they need through the bathroom tray before taking a bath.

We hope you find inspiration in the 10 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas, which are comprised of small to specific bathroom cabinet styles.

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